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We’re all busy, and we’ve all received lengthy, ambiguous and rambling emails. Ironically, most of us have also been guilty of writing such verbose emails while requesting for someone else’s time. So what kind of emails work then?

I have made some interesting and useful observations on effective email – particularly,

  • What not to do when emailing someone (ie. your target market).
  • How to write emails that people will actually (want to) read.

The relevance of email has recently become a topic of discussion as part of many marketing plans. There are arguments for and against what is now being categorised as ‘old fashioned’, however, it continues to be a major channel of communication, with research backing its effectiveness.

The risk of the reader not opening and deleting the email is increasing everyday hence engaging him in your email marketing campaign is crucial. Check how to increase open rates of your email to know how to tap the email marketing channel the right way.

This is your guide to creating a visually enhanced email that will add value to your brand.

1) Choose the correct colour & play with animations

You need to grab your readers’ attention fast, playing with colour can help visually enhance your email. The use of animation can definitely grab his attention. Make the headline pop!

What you could do?

  •    Use a fun and creative GIF that delivers one simple and clear message
  •    Highlight the message of your email encouraging the reader to purchase the product
  •    Bold images, standout calls to action, and strong contrast are all effective elements of a good design
  •    Let your logo dictate color scheme, consider using those colors throughout your email






2) Develop a visual sense for what works and what doesn’t

Imagine your email and create a mental map before you start. Observe what catches your attention, what attracts and what repels you. The next time you are looking for inspiration, take a minute to examine content backed by your brand image.

What you could do?

  •  Use examples of previous campaigns you’ve sent
  •  Pieces from your competitors can teach you your don’ts
  •  Learning from your past errors can make your future email more effective.


3) Keep it simple & tidy

You need to theme your email. Simplicity and tidiness in your design can prove to be of  great help. Using  spaces and a clear central focus on your product is just what the reader is looking for. Focus on your product and the information you want to send across.

What could you do?

  •     Use different type sizes and colors, let your customers understand what’s crucial and what’s to be ignored.
  •     Your design should be straight to the point with less complex elements and a simple backbone





4) Give it your personal touch

Giving a personal touch can enhance your email and give it that slight edge that can add value to your brand. Your consumer’s inclination to read your direct mail depends on the degree of personalisation. It should create a sense of familiarity.

What you could do?

  • Your consumer should be the central focus, making them realize that they add value to your business
  • Personalizing your email helps create exclusivity
  • You have a lot of options to play with, ranging from addressing it to a consumer to printing their name in the area of the actual collateral






5) Make it seamless & let your content stand out

Make your customer stay on your email. Tempt them to take a second look at your mailer. Make your content short, crisp. Your content should beautifully complement the mailer.

Using fonts is equally crucial. Take a look at what the font! – for the perfect guide in selecting what font would be the best pick for you!

What you could do?

  • Use a simple and clean photo in the header that seamlessly extends into the rest of the design
  • Produce a good backbone to compliment your design
  • Instead of cutting off your images, try to make it seamlessly work into the rest of the email for a subtle and sober design






6) Less is more because recognition is crucial

Your email is a visual solution to showcasing your brand. Reinforcing brand awareness is the primary goal. Your design should achieve instant recognition.

What could you do?

  • Use correct color palette and a uniform theme
  • Choosing the correct typeface is very important, it should be clean and consistent throughout the email
  • Use a simple, streamlined and easily recognized design
  • While your overall email should be fairly simple, the use of certain theme based elements to represent the brand keeps the design fun and engaging






7) Use infographics & frame your content

Make a simple design that is  text focused. Grab your customers’ attention by introducing imagery. Laying various items around the edges of the background can create a nice visual frame for your email.

What could you do?

  • A few info graphic-like graphical data representations is a fun and effective way to communicate facts
  • Lots of information can get boring with readers,  create your own info graphics and position your content




*The above emails / screengrabs are for illustration purposes only. ResellerClub has not claimed any copyright or IPR. ResellerClub has no affiliation with any of these brands in any form.


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