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Our fantastic team of writers tries and brings the best tips and tricks in Web Design, Development and Hosting. However, in this rapidly evolving industry, there is always room for more opinions and more knowledge – we would love it if you could share your take and expertise on relevant topics!

ResellerClub caters to thousands of web pros like you and we are thrilled to offer you the chance to get featured as a guest blogger on our blog, that has a readership of over 3,000! Write for the ResellerClub Blog and get recognized as a contributor in the web presence community and help many others along the way. Not just that, you can also check out what others are saying about all that’s trending and you too can pick up a trick or two!

You can contribute in the following ways:

  • Articles on Business tips for a Web Design / Development agency or WordPress Plugins / Themes
  • Articles on Web Hosting – Cloud Server architecture, Load balancing, Use cases, Benchmarks etc.
  • ‘How to’ tutorials or opinion articles on relevant subjects for a web designer – trends, design hacks, philosophies, inspiration
  • ‘How to’ tutorials or opinion articles on Web Development topics such as emerging frameworks, HTML 5, Bootstrap etc.
  • A case study of your business / story as a Web Pro

So how do you really become a guest author, you ask? The process is simple and fast. Fill up the form below and we will get back to you.

Please keep in mind the guidelines for guest articles:

  • Article should be of 800 – 1000 words min
  • Any research to be backed by citations
  • No affiliate links
  • No links to games/porn sites
  • No product/brand promotion
  • No press release
  • Article to be unique and detailed content that is not used anywhere else on the internet and not even personal blog
  • Company name needs to be mentioned in the bio if there is a link to the company in the article
  • If company name is mentioned in the article, it needs to be written as ‘We at <company name> …’
  • A maximum of 1 link to the company will be permitted within the article
  • No links in bio
  • No links to company product / service landing page
  • No links to competition sites

There’s a lot happening in the industry so get started with your guest post already! Hope to see you on the other side of our blog soon 🙂