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In today’s day and age the Internet has become a source of information and a medium for reporting information – anytime, anywhere. Smart phones, high speed internet, social media & the individual’s ability & willingness to express opinions & speak up make this possible. A new leg of journalism has emerged – digital journalism- real-time, multimedia, interactive story-telling.

However, with the growth of this sort of media, the attempts to stifle have also amplified. Increasingly, we’ve heard of journalists being threatened & imprisoned, citizen bloggers being flogged and beaten, all for voicing opinions.

In an attempt to applaud the efforts of journalists & promote independent free press worldwide, .PRESS domains & ResellerClub recognize all of May as the World Press Freedom Month. We’re giving .PRESS at a price of just $11.99 so you can resell to not just journalists & corporate news houses but to individuals, freelance journalists & more.

.PRESS Domains also want to make a contribution towards the freedom of press and safety of journalists by partnering with The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) & donating $3 from every domain registration through the month of May.

All May, we’re giving you .PRESS at just $11.99 so you encourage your customers to get their presence and identity with .PRESS. Check out our promos here.

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