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A few weeks ago, we announced a sweepstakes contest for Resellers that could win them a $1000 for taking Verisign’s latest small business initiative to their Customers.

As a Domain Registrar we strongly support any initiative that gets Customers worldwide to realise the value of the internet in their everyday lives. The Verisign Small Business Contest does just that. With this contest Customers were given the chance to tell Verisign where .COM can take their business and win up to $25,000 for their enterprise.

We in turn converted this into an opportunity for our Resellers to offer this contest to their Customers and stand to win $1000. The response was pretty incredible – Here’s what a couple of our Resellers (and 2 of our winners) had to say:

As a loyal reseller of ResellerClub for almost 10 years I was excited to know that I was one of the lucky winners of the $1000 Verisign Sweepstakes Contest – keep the promotions coming!

Daniel Burt

It’s great that ResellerClub keeps bringing us these contests from time to time. Not only can we win some great prizes but also be updated about everything thats happening in the Domain Industry.

Graeme Preston

Here’s a list of the five lucky winners of the Sweepstakes contest!

  1. Daniel BurtOraco.net
  2. Jason M.Jarmaczwww.solihost.com
  3. Ashok Arorawww.ewebguru.com
  4. Fatih Abaciwww.abacipark.com
  5. Graeme Prestonwww.bigworldhosting.co.uk

Congratulations to all our winners and as Danny Burt says – We’re going to keep the promotions coming!

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