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As part of our efforts to provide Resellers with some of the best Promos, Incentives and Deals in the Domain Name Market, we’d like to bring to you VeriSign’s recent contest focusing on Small Businesses.

Since a large portion of our Resellers own and operate small businesses, a contest such as this is ideal for them. As part of the contest, small business owners can tell VeriSign where .COM will take their Business and win up to $25,000!

How you can benefit from this:
Apart from entering for the contest yourself and standing to win $25,000 for your Business, you can even take this contest to your Customers and encourage them to take part.

We’ve even come up with an initiative to help all our Resellers reach their Customers and tell them about this contest.

By opting in here, you can authorize us to send an Email to your Customers with your own branding. This not only allows you to promote your brand as a Customer Friendly one but you can also end up being one of 5 lucky Resellers to win $1000.

Don’t worry – It’s all White-Labeled:
We wouldn’t want your Customers to know about us any more than you would. The Email we would send out to your customers would be completely white-labeled and would be sent from your Admin Contact Email Address. You can even take a look at a sample version of the email, here.

There are just 12 days left to enter and you can put in your entries, here.

As always, we’d love to help you out with any initiatives that you’re taking to promote this – If you have any questions/concerns let us know in the comments below.

All the Best!