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Here’s another reason for you to increase your .ASIA Registrations this month – We’re running a special promo which makes you eligible to win an iPad if you’re the largest .ASIA Reseller this month!

As you may already know, we’re currently running a .ASIA Registration Promo with .ASIA Domains being available for Registration for only $4.49.

By registering the largest number of .ASIA Domains this month, you can not only capitalize on this Promo but also win an iPad.

Your Customers stand to win too!
To help you market this Promo better and improve your chances of winning, we’re giving your Customers a chance to win an iPhone4.

All Customers that register a .ASIA Domain Name will be entered into a lucky draw and could stand to win an iPhone4.

You have till the 31st of March:
The largest Reseller of .ASIA Domains for the month of March will be awarded the iPad, so make the most of the .ASIA at $4.49 Promo all this month!


A big Congratulations to our Top Reseller – Liu Jiapeng for winning the iPad and the Lucky Customer – Vipul Shah for taking away the iPhone 4!

We will continue bringing such great contests your way – Stay tuned!