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We’re excited about the Cricket World Cup finals & we’re taking that excitement to a new level with .CLUB! Not only are we giving away .CLUB at a discounted price of $4.99, we’re giving you a chance to win an autographed cricket bat by Virat Kohli in the Win Against Virat contest!

All you have to do is resell more .CLUB domain names than Virat Kohil’s Cricket World Cup score!

How it works:

  • To WIN against Virat, you need to register more .CLUB domains in the month of March 2015 than the total number of runs scored by Virat Kohli during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. You can check his current score here
  • You must push this contest out on your social media platforms at least once during the contest period, by tagging @dotCLUB and using one of these hashtags: #cwc15, #wontgiveitback, #viratkohli
  • If more than one of you scores more than Virat or if there is a tie, the reseller with the maximum number of tweets with the hashtag mentioned above will win the contest
  • If no reseller is able to match the target score set by Virat, the reseller with the maximum .CLUB Domains will win the contest
  • Your Domain count from 1st March, 2015 to 31st March, 2015 will be considered in order to determine the winners
  • The winner will be announced on 6th April, 2015.
Why you should sell .CLUB

“CLUB” adds valuable meaning to literally any word. It has a global reach because it carries the same spelling and meaning throughout the world. Here’s what makes .CLUB a great domain extension to watch out for:

  • .CLUB is the ultimate social domain name, making it easy for anyone and everyone to bring people together around common interests and passions – and own the perfect domain for their community.
  • .CLUB has done some fantastic marketing and has managed to get marquee sites and fan pages such as Virak Kohli, 50 cent etc. on board.
  • .CLUB is a New gTLD which has the least number of parked pages which goes to show the reach and popularity of the TLD over the past one year
  • .CLUB as a registry is involved with a host of public events, conferences etc targeted at entrepreneurs, start-ups, thought leaders etc. continually enhancing their brand value and visibility quotient
  • Every business needs a .CLUB – for loyalty programs, membership organizations, networking opportunities and a lot more!
  • “CLUB” is not like any other “generic” string – it brings immediately recognizable meaning and marketing value to any name to the left of the dot.
Everyone’s in the .CLUB! Take a look at this video to find out more:

.CLUB Domains @ $4.99!
Avail .CLUB Domains at an amazing promotional price of $4.99 until the 31st of March, 2015!
  • This promotion is applicable only on new Registrations and not on Renewals or Transfers
  • To receive the promo pricing mentioned above on Registrations, ensure that your Customers and Sub-Resellers are offered new .CLUB Domain Registrations at less than or equal to the Barrier Price set up in the Promo Engine
  • There are no restrictions on the number of domains your Customers and Sub-Resellers can register
  • .CLUB promotion is already live within your control panel and is valid until 31st March, 2015

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