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With the growing need to take the business online, more and more business owners are launching a website for their business. However, the primary requisite for every new website, to make a mark in the online world, is a powerful hosting solution. Browsing through and choosing a web hosting platform for your website can be a daunting task, especially for a beginner. Each web hosting plan comes with its own features, advantages, and limitations; each hosting solution can have a case for and against adopting it for your website. In this article, we aim to build a case for Cloud Hosting and help you determine whether Cloud Web Hosting is the perfect choice for your new website or not.

Before delving into the reasons, let us understand the difference between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting.

Difference Between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting

Cloud vs Shared Hosting is a common confusion among people who are new to the hosting world. While both the hosting types host multiple websites together, there are some major differences between the two.

  1. Shared Hosting:
    Shared Hosting is where multiple websites reside in one, single server. This means that a server can realistically host a hundred websites. All the hundred websites will draw all resources, including the storage, from the single server. 
  2. Cloud Hosting:
    Here, the actual residence of the website is similar to a Shared Hosting setup. The website resides on a shared server. However, Cloud Hosting is termed secure due to its data storage capabilities. The website data is stored across multiple servers over various locations. This ensures better data security, seamless backup and restore, and advanced data redundancies.

Cloud Hosting for a new business

If you’re a new, small business owner, there are a whole lot of hosting options available to you. From simple Shared Hosting to exclusive Dedicated Hosting, the options are really endless. Given the fact that you’ll be bombarded with options, it’s always good to research well before you select a web host for your website.

Cloud Hosting has emerged to be the hosting of choice due to the seamless adaptation with every kind of business – big or small. There are several advantages that Cloud Hosting offers to a new business.

  1. Uptime

For a new business, it’s important to get as many customers as possible in the first few days and months. Each potential customer is important in this phase. Conversion rates are crucial. To this end, companies try and design catchy easy-to-navigate websites. Companies also spend a whole lot on marketing their products or services. 

In this phase, you’ll need visitors to your website and as many as possible. During this period, if your website fails and goes down, all that time, effort, and money spent on your website and marketing will be in vain. We’re seeing that people don’t even wait for slow websites. A website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds – you can be pretty confident that you’ve lost a majority of your customers. 

With Cloud Hosting, the chances of your website going down are minimal. The reason is the underlying technology. Cloud Hosting ensures maximum uptime and almost no downtime for your website. 

  1. Scaling

Let’s say that you’ve come up with a great marketing idea that’s about to send lots of potential customers to your website. One thing that normally happens in these situations is that websites typically slow down. When the number of visitors goes up, so does the need for resources. This could be RAM, computing power, or storage. You are bound to see a spike in requirements. When additional resources are unavailable, your website speed goes down, and under prolonged stress, it may even stop working. 

With Cloud Hosting, you’ll never have to worry because the Cloud Hosting plans enable you to scale up your resources easily. In your hosting dashboard, you’ll have options to increase resources. You just have to select the value of resources required, the appropriate plan to scale up to and done! With good service providers, you can scale up your resources in Cloud Hosting with a single click. This way, all the customers that your marketing plan brings in will have a nice, smooth experience. 

  1. Disaster recovery

Work long enough with hardware, and you’ll know that even the best fail sometimes. The fact is that data loss because of hardware failure is something that you’ll have to face at some point. The best way to tackle this is by having excellent data recovery plans and executing them. Although your web hosting company will have a pre-installed backup and recovery plan, it is imperative to formulate a backup plan at your end as well. This will ensure added safety for your precious data.

Cloud Hosting helps in this too. We, at ResellerClub, utilise Ceph storage infrastructure. The data is mirrored across three separate locations in real-time. As a result, if the primary server fails, the backup from the mirrored locations is automatically restored. Multi-server data storage technology makes it difficult for data to be completely lost. The multiple servers ensure real-time backup and seamless restore.

All that said, it’s always a good idea to have a backup offline. 


Cloud Hosting is ideal for new businesses because it places emphasis on uptime, scaling, and performance — crucial aspects of a new business website. What’s more, Cloud Hosting isn’t as expensive as Dedicated Hosting. A Cloud Hosting plan guarantees not only excellent performance but also high uptimes. You can also opt for Managed Cloud Hosting solutions and leave the server upkeep and maintenance to the hosting experts. 

Thus, with flexible scalability, advanced security, improved performance, high page load speed and 24×7 expert support, Cloud Hosting for your new website ensures that you focus on business growth without worrying about managing the hosting solution. For more details on our Cloud Hosting plans, leave a comment below or contact us.

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