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Businesses around the globe are going online. While taking their businesses online is comparatively easy for well-established companies, small & medium businesses end up losing clientele for not being online or due to poor online services. 

However, with changing times and the growth of affordable web hosting services in India, small entrepreneurs and SMBs are building a comprehensive online presence. As per a survey, nearly 33% of all small businesses in India have a website, while close to 19% have shown interest in building a website soon. This is a huge statistic considering the number of MSMEs in India. With more SMBs opting to go online, there is a need for customised hosting plans that tackle the specific needs and concerns of this sector.

Most SMBs do not have the luxury to spend their limited resources on hiring technical staff. This lack of financial freedom to hire IT staff coupled with sub-par technical knowledge can incur huge losses for these businesses. 

The high demand for hosting and the specific concerns gave rise to a new service offering targeted at SMBs – Managed Web Hosting. The capabilities of the hosting service will determine how quick your website will load, the uptime of your website, even your SERP ranking (a quick loading website ranks better), and the resources in terms of time and money you will have to allocate in maintaining the hosting service. 

Thanks to Managed Web Hosting, SMBs are now able to modernize their businesses and have an impactful digital footprint. So, what does a fully managed web hosting offer that has enticed SMBs to opt for it? 

What Is Managed Hosting Service?

Fully managed web hosting is a service where your hosting company performs all the essential tasks required to maintain your website. Managed web hosting can be either Shared, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated, or even managed Cloud Hosting. Managed Hosting service frees you from the technical tasks such as configuring the servers, security, data storage, data backup, etc.     

As a business organisation, you need to make sure that your website works normally, and for that, your one-stop solution can be Fully Managed Hosting. Fully Managed Hosting packages provide ready-to-go software installation, regular updates, and continuous monitoring. It also comes with regular security updates to mitigate hacking attempts. Most Fully Managed Hosting service providers offer customised hosting solutions and features that are designed exclusively for your business.

By purchasing a Managed Hosting service, business organisations can expect services right from hardware & software setup to technical support. The availability of a support team ensures that expert advice is only an email away. This allows you to ask any query that you have and get it resolved immediately.

Benefits of Fully Managed Web Hosting

Having a Fully Managed Hosting plan can help you and your business in several ways. The benefits are listed below. 

1.     Advanced Caching Features – Managed web hosting is equipped with pre-packaged cache features which are developed for scalable websites. You will not have to set up and optimise cache features.

2.     Integrate Apps – The cloud platform has several apps and CMS (Content Management Systems) on the cloud marketplace, which you can directly deploy as per your requirement. From building a landing page to an eCommerce store, everything can be done instantly.

3.     Integrated CDN – Good Managed Hosting providers also add the Content Delivery Network (CDN) to your plan and reduce the server response time by fetching the data from the nearest data node available. This will boost the page loading speed and help in your SEO too.

5.     Scalability – Managed hosting providers also take care of the scalability requirement. It does not involve downtime or high costs, making scaling up easy and hassle-free. So, SMBs can initially opt for a low resource plan and then scale as the business grows. 

6.     Security – Web hosting providers offering Managed Hosting services can provide robust security available in the market. With good service providers, you also get cloud backups, SSL certificates, web application firewalls, and other top-rated security features.

7.     Power of cloud – Cloud applications provide sturdy performance, quick loading time, automated data backups & recovery, reliable customer service, and more. Cloud Web Hosting also has managed services that provide the best of both worlds. You can get all the benefits of the cloud, as well as, ease in operations.

How to Select A Fully Managed Web Hosting?

Before finalising on any Fully Managed Web Hosting, you need first to analyse the requirement for your organisation and the amount you are willing to spend. The features offered such as security, updates, tech support, etc. should also be considered.

  1. Security: As a regular update, security patch installation and the overall security upkeep is the prerogative of the hosting provider, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the security specifications offered by the provider. 
  2. Updates: Get in-depth information regarding the backup software used, the frequency of the backups, the process of the backup, the process for data recovery in case of any failure, etc. 
  3. Tech Support: You opt for Managed Hosting as you do not wish to spend the time and effort on managing the technical aspects. However, tech issues might crop up even in the Managed Hosting setup. Therefore, it is crucial to go for a hosting company that offers 24×7 customer support.

While Fully Managed Web Hosting comes with its fair share of benefits, it will leave you with a limited option for customisation. Besides, the definition of ‘fully managed’ may vary from one hosting service provider to another in terms of services offered. 

One way to make the best use of Fully Managed Hosting services is by researching each company’s plan in detail and comparing it to your needs. Almost every hosting company has multiple 24/7 customer service channels. Make complete use of them. 

Only when you’re satisfied that the company provides everything that you need should you consider as a possible choice.

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