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Which blog platform is best for making money? Does a platform really matter when it comes to monetary benefit? This blog will break down the first step to making money with your blog- choice of blog platform. If you want ideas and tips on how to make money from your blog, check out our blog post on ‘How to start a blog and make money’.

To start with, we should clarify that when we talk about ‘WordPress’ here, we mean and not the free If you want to know more about the difference, refer to our post on this topic here.

Blogger vs WordPress-

 which blog platform is best for making money

Technical Knowledge required-

Blogger is designed for anyone with little to no technical knowledge to use.

WordPress, while not difficult, requires a short time to get the hang of doing things in the backend. WordPress also offers thousands of ready-made website themes and templates (over 3200) along with plugins and scripts to get your website running and functioning efficiently in a jiffy. Only extreme customizations to your website theme, for example, would require some web development expertise. Plus, there are a multitude of resources online to help you get up and running with WordPress. As a testament to this, the WordPress platform powers about 30% of websites on the internet.

Set up costs-

Blogger is a free service. You can start your blog without having to pay for a domain name and your account is free as well on the Blogger platform. You can however buy a custom domain if you want one. WordPress, on the other hand, requires you to use a web hosting provider to host your WordPress website. The cost for this depends on several factors from your web hosting provider to the kind of website you want to have (and therefore how much bandwidth, storage you need), the type of hosting service you ask for (fully-managed, partially-managed or unmanaged). To give you an idea, WordPress Hosting packages can cost from as little as $2.49 a month to $130 a month. To this, add the cost of your domain name. At ResellerClub, we offer the flexibility of the cloud platform with our WordPress hosting product making our WordPress hosting service perfect for small blogs and websites who want to scale on their own time without breaking the bank.


Why would you want to pay to have a WordPress blog over a free option from Blogger? We answer that here:


The amount of control you will have with WordPress will far exceed what you will have with a Blogger website. WordPress is open-source; the tweaks you can do to both the software and its thousands of themes and plugins is limitless. WordPress lets you have complete control over security, backups, content, upgrades and most importantly -SEO and your monetization strategy.

Plus, when it comes to ownership -Blogger is owned by Google so you can’t really say that you own your website. On the other hand, WordPress is self-hosted and open-source and you have full control over your content and data.

Features – overall:

While Blogger is an easier platform to start with for beginners, its features do not match those of WordPress. With its open-source nature, continuous platform improvement and vast number of website themes, templates and scripts, WordPress offers several opportunities for bloggers to completely customize the experience of their website. To create an advanced website to attract the right traffic that translates into monetary benefits, you will need several features that WordPress offers in its plugin bank. Right now, there are over 55,000 WordPress plugins. Advanced customization in Blogger is rather limited.

 which blog platform is best for making money

Google Adsense-

Google Adsense lets you monetize your blog by placing ads on it. You earn your money each time a user clicks on an ad on your blog.

Owned by Google, Blogger connects to several Google properties such as Google Adsense that helps place relevant ads on your site to earn you income. Although this is something you could do with your WordPress blog as well (through the AdSense Plugin WP QUADS for example), it’s just that the two Google properties are integrated already when you get a Blogger account.


Which blog platform is best for making money? It’s clear that Blogger is not the best choice for professional use or for maximum monetization. Do you agree with this blog? Let us know!