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When you have just started your business and are building your website, you will need to make a choice with regards to the web hosting plan. There are plenty of hosting plans and options for your website or application, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, a Virtual Private Server, or a Dedicated Server. 

Initially, with an eye to budget and smaller requirements, you may opt for Shared or VPS Hosting. However, there will come a time, as your business continues to grow, that you will wonder if you require dedicated resources that can handle the rising traffic on your website. Should you buy a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

So, let’s identify when you need to make the choice to switch to a Dedicated Server, and what benefits that choice can bring to your business.

First, let’s look at what a Dedicated Server is.

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

A Dedicated Server is a remote server, which is dedicatedly allocated to the use of one organization, individual or application. You will not share any resources with another company or application like you would in a shared server setup. Unlike hosting plans with shared servers, you will not share or split resources like Disk Space, RAM, Bandwidth. Your website remains completely isolated and independent and you will run the server. 

There are two kinds of Dedicated Hosting – unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged servers require you to configure and maintain the server by yourself. With Managed Dedicated Hosting you will have a provider to handle the maintenance of your server. Additionally, your hosting provider may also offer varying degrees of support for software updates, configurations, etc. With Managed Dedicated Hosting, the service web host provider will maintain, manage and customize the server for you. If you do have the staff to customize and manage the server, you can have full control over the resources without needing the help of a web hosting service.

Additionally, you can choose between Linux Dedicated Servers and Windows Dedicated Servers. The choice between the two Operating Systems depends upon the nature and type of applications you wish to use, the level of customization you require, the cost of hosting and the ease of use.

No matter the configurations and types you choose, one fact remains, Dedicated Hosting requires a considerable investment. Thus, it is important to clearly assess your requirement before taking the plunge.

So, when you should take the plunge and invest in a Dedicated Server?

The right time to invest in a Dedicated Server Plan

  1. Large Website/ Heavy Traffic: One of the most common reasons to consider investing in a Dedicated Server is if you have a large, high traffic site. With a shared server, you won’t have enough resources to store massive amounts of data and content or handle large volumes of traffic. You could run out of space when building your site, high volumes of visitors could crash the server resulting in downtime for your site. If you notice a decrease in performance on your site, it’s definitely time to switch to a Dedicated Server.
  2. Improve Page Speed and Uptime: A lack of resources not only prevents your site from accommodating more visitors but also slows downloading time. If you’re on a shared server, it is responsible for returning responses for multiple sites, placing the server under strain. If you can’t achieve your site speed goals, even after image compressing, browser caching, deferred JavaScript and other methods, you may need to scale up to a Dedicated Server.
  3. Tighter Security: We mentioned that if you handle a lot of sensitive data, you may want to consider a Dedicated Server. This is because, the more sites that are stored on a server, the more opportunities for cyberattacks to breach server security. If another site is attacked, your information instantly becomes more vulnerable. Even if you follow best practices for website security, what are the chances that the other sites are doing the same? Dedicated Hosting allows you to secure your information, reducing any potential vulnerabilities.
  4. Customizing the server configuration: You get more options for configuration when you opt for a Dedicated Server. This includes server location and Operating System (OS). With server location, you want the server to be close to your primary audience, which will improve loading time for them. For OS, most users may be satisfied with a Linux server, which is the default for many hosts. Others may want a Windows server though, and Dedicated Server allows you to choose.

Reasons to put your money in a Dedicated Server Hosting Plan

As repeatedly highlighted here, Dedicated Hosting is considerably more expensive than Shared, VPS or Cloud Hosting solutions. But, enterprises still choose to invest in a Dedicated Server. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons why a Dedicated Server will make a difference to your business. The following features and benefits show how important a Dedicated Server is to a growing business.

  1. Root Access: Root Access is an administrator-level log-in for hosting servers. With root access, you have the ability to take complete control over your server. Since you know your business best, with root access, you can customize the server to fulfill your business’s needs, including installing and uninstalling any third-party software, optimizing settings, customizing hardware, setting up firewalls, enhancing security levels, and more.
  2. Instant Setup: Worried about setting up your Dedicated Server? A hosting provider will include a fast and easy setup in their plans. You can start using the server, within minutes of purchasing it. What’s more, you won’t need to pay any fees to set it up.
  3. Great Performance: The resources you need to run your website or application are always available with a Dedicated Server. This translates into better performance, which is not hindered by an upswell in traffic. When you choose a dedicated hosting plan, it also guarantees you stability, security and scalability. With the best HVAC architecture, top-of-the-line hardware and cutting-edge networking switch you can be sure of uptime, 99.9% of the time.
  4. Enhanced Security: Another reason to consider Dedicated Servers is the level of security it promises. Dedicated Server hosting offers much better security, as opposed to shared hosting. You won’t be sharing any server space with other websites, so you don’t need to worry about your website being affected by other websites on the server. This is especially important if you’re dealing with sensitive information. These servers come with strong and secure mechanisms that are equipped to handle all kinds of cyberattacks.


So, if you’ve already started looking for a Dedicated Server, make sure to keep these factors in mind. Does it allow you full root access, quick setups, powerful configurations, easy customizations through intuitive panels, great uptime, dedicated system support from experts, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and more? ResellerClub offers powerful Dedicated Hosting Servers, with complete root access, plus all of the features mentioned above (and more). Visit the website, and discover in detail all that we have to offer you through our Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

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