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As businesses grow in size and gain increasing traction on their websites, they need a much more reliable and secure web hosting service than the affordable Shared Hosting solution. 

While Shared Hosting efficiently meets the needs of small websites and blogs, your website often experiences performance degradation and slower page speed after a certain point. 

This is when most businesses go for VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting offers a Virtual Private Server with guaranteed resources, offering much more flexibility, uptime, security, and control over your hosting environment. However, only some business owners are well-equipped to handle and manage their servers and take care of server configuration. 

This is where Managed VPS Hosting comes into play. In this article, we’ll learn more about this hosting service and help you understand when you need a Managed VPS plan for your business. Let’s go! 

What Is Managed VPS Hosting? 

Managed VPS Hosting is similar to VPS Hosting, where your website is given and hosted on a Virtual Private Server with guaranteed web hosting resources, like RAM, memory, and disk space. 

However, in this hosting service, your web hosting company handles and manages your VPS Server and its configuration on your behalf. Thus, your hosting provider takes care of everything from server setup, performance monitoring, and taking backups to install updates and ensuring maximum server security. 

These features make Managed VPS Hosting a highly reliable and credible web hosting service for businesses with no server-level expertise or in-depth domain knowledge. 

Let’s understand when you should go for a Managed VPS Hosting plan. 

When Should You Go For Managed VPS Hosting? 

Managed VPS Web Hosting offers exceptional hosting benefits to businesses, including advanced expert support and round-the-clock assistance. 

Let’s look at the essential factors that can help determine the right time to choose a Managed VPS Hosting plan. 

1. You need server management and monitoring support

Truth be told, when you’re looking to transition from a beginner-friendly web hosting service, like Shared Hosting, to a much more advanced hosting solution, like VPS Hosting, you won’t be as comfortable and confident with managing your server. 

Handling server configurations and maintenance require high technical expertise and skills; thus, a Managed VPS Hosting solution is the best-suited option for your business. 

In Managed VPS Hosting, your hosting company manages all the backend server functionalities. It monitors the server extensively for early and easy detection of anomalies, network traffic and resource usage, and more. Hence, it helps ensure that your server performs optimally 24/7, with faster page speed, high performance, and uptime. Hence, it helps ensure that your server performs optimally 24/7, with faster page speed, high performance, and uptime. 

2. You need advanced server security

Ensuring maximum server security and keeping cyber attackers at bay is extremely important, given the cybersecurity risks and online threats. 

In Managed VPS Hosting, your web hosting provider employs the best and the latest cybersecurity measures, which even you might need to learn or be aware of. They install firewalls, antimalware, antivirus, and other necessary security software solutions to protect your website and VPS Server from DDoS attacks, malware threats, and other malicious attacks. 

Without a managed service, you’d be responsible for your server’s security, which is a considerable risk, considering that you aren’t familiar with the right security steps and measures to incorporate. 

3. You need round-the-clock support

You can encounter technical issues and problems while dealing with your VPS Hosting Server anytime. Your website can face downtime or security risks if you don’t resolve these issues on time with a reliable support system. 

With a reliable Managed VPS Hosting service, you get highly reliable, responsive, and round-the-clock support from experienced and expert technicians that help you solve your problems in no time quickly and efficiently. 

4. You cannot afford to hire external professionals

Suppose you want to save costs by choosing an Unmanaged VPS Hosting solution instead of Managed VPS Hosting. In that case, you can hire external professional help for your VPS Server management. 

However, the problem is that these professionals charge an exceptionally high sum for maintaining your server, adding to the total business expenditure. 

In contrast, Managed VPS Hosting can help you avoid this cost by being a cost-effective solution, ensuring long-term business growth and success. Thus, when you see the longer picture, investing in a Managed VPS Hosting plan is much more worthy and reliable for your business. 


Managed VPS Hosting is the best and most secure hosting service when you want to switch from Shared Hosting or need reliable server management and maintenance support for your business. 

It takes care of your entire server, manages backups, performance, and resources, and ensures high uptime and security while offering 24/7 expert support. Thus, if you need any of these features and benefits for your business, it’s high time you pick a suitable Managed VPS Web Hosting plan from an ideal hosting company. Contact us at ResellerClub if you need help or check our Managed VPS plans for your business.

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