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With the rise of the new gTLDs, the Internet ball game is changing. An important question that arises with the influx of the new gTLDs, is how these will affect Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google says no new TLD will be given preference over a traditional TLD and vice versa. It will simply continue to rank based on the best result regardless of a new gTLD or a traditional TLD.

Will different search engines give different results then? Check out this video by Google Webmasters to get the full answer:

While Google may insist that new TLDs will not affect SEO largely, an article by my colleague pointed out with an example how a keyword-rich domain name did rank higher.

Additionally, there is a possibility of “search by extension” that we may be witnessing soon. The .XXX registry already has a search.xxx in place that allows for search within that specific TLD, just as Google & Bing search the web at large. Likewise, for example, if a .LAWYER allows a number of verified lawyers to have their domain names with this TLD, the registry could decide to have a directory.lawyer to make search faster and more convenient.

With the new gTLDs, the possibilities on the Internet are enormous. There are business opportunities for everyone especially domain resellers. As a company that caters to domain resellers as part of our business, we bring you the best promotions and offers so you get a substantial profit margin.

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