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There are a plethora of web hosting services to choose from when it comes to taking your business online. Ideally, businesses start with a Shared Hosting solution—an affordable and convenient hosting solution.      

However, once websites outgrow their Shared Hosting needs with the growing website traffic—they look for a higher and much more reliable web hosting solution like VPS Hosting. VPS Server Hosting provides maximum reliability, flexibility, and freedom to use and customise your VPS Server per your choice. 

But, not every business owner—especially at the beginning stage of their hosting journey is well-versed with server-level skills and knowledge. The solution? Managed VPS Hosting. 

Managed VPS Hosting allows you to host your website on a reliable VPS Server without you having to manage or maintain your server on your own. 

This article shares several factors that make Managed VPS Hosting worth the extra money and why you should opt for it for your business. 

What is Managed VPS Hosting? 

Managed VPS Hosting is a hosting service where your web hosting provider handles server-related tasks like server maintenance, administration, and management. 

The services that it offers is complete server management, software and application installation, upgrades, backup, security auditing and patching, 24×7 advanced support, and more. 

Thus, as a business owner—you can leverage the complete benefits of full root access but need not worry about server upkeep or the uptime of your website as the hosting company manages it efficiently. 

What makes the Managed VPS Hosting solution worth the extra cost? 

Managed VPS Hosting costs more than Self-managed VPS Hosting; however, it offers the best value for money. 

It’s one of the fastest-growing web hosting services—anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR of 16.5% by 2026

Let’s look at the several factors that justify this statistic and make Managed VPS Server Hosting worth the investment. 

  1. High uptime 

Ensuring maximum server uptime and website availability is the key to success for any business. Downtimes result in customer dissatisfaction, loss of revenue, sales, and poor SEO performance. 

With Managed VPS Hosting—your web hosting provider constantly monitors your VPS Server to come across any bug or vulnerabilities that may lead to downtimes. Hence, whenever they detect any threat or vulnerability—they instantly remove it and ensure your server stays up and running with maximum accessibility. 

  1. Faster speed and performance 

Unlike a Shared Hosting Server—VPS Server Hosting offers more CPU cores, RAM, bandwidth, and disk space for your website. Hence, the more resources—the better and the faster the performance. 

In addition, your hosting provider’s professionals also take the responsibility to tweak your server resources to use its hardware well for it to perform at its best and even scale the resources as and when required with the growing traffic. 

Since, with Managed VPS Hosting—your hosting company does this and ensures optimum performance on your behalf, it saves a lot of time, capital, and effort from your end. 

  1. Advanced security 

Security is no concern with Managed VPS Hosting, as the hosting company takes all the necessary precautions and ensures compliance requirements to keep your website safe and secure against any potential threats. 

The hosting provider takes care of regular updates, security patching, auditing, adding firewalls, and more to ensure maximum security. 

In addition, since you get a dedicated IP address with your Managed VPS Hosting Server—it eliminates the security risks that come with other vulnerable websites present on the server. 

  1. Dedicated customer support 

If you choose Managed VPS Hosting—you get a dedicated and 24/7 customer support service from your web hosting provider to assist with hardware and network-related issues. 

It provides you with an already optimised Hosting Server to ensure optimum performance and security. And even though you get full root access to tweak server settings and install software or applications, you can contact your hosting provider anytime you get stuck or when required.

Getting this type of dedicated and highly responsive support and other reliable services makes Managed VPS Hosting worth the money.  

  1. Cost-effective 

Right from server set up, security, and overall maintenance—your hosting company takes care of everything. This eliminates the need to hire external professionals or experts who cost huge bucks to manage and administer your VPS Hosting Server. 

Even if Managed VPS Hosting may seem costly at first—if you think about the long-term benefits, it offers the best value for money and ensures maximum and 24/7 server reliability for a longer period. 


If you own a growing website and wish to invest in a Hosting Server that offers guaranteed resources with more control and security, go for VPS Hosting. However, if you don’t have advantage technical skills, server expertise, or an in-house team of experts for VPS Server management—a Managed VPS Hosting solution is the right choice. 

It offers the utmost reliability, performance, uptime, and security with complete management and server maintenance—allowing you to put all your time and effort into expanding your business. Moreover, you get all these services at a budget-friendly price. 

At ResellerClub, we offer KVM-powered SSD Managed VPS Hosting to provide your website with the utmost performance and page loading speed. So, if you’re looking for a suitable Managed VPS Hosting plan for your business, check out our plans to get full root access, complete server management, and more reliable services for your website. 

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