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When it comes to selecting hosting, the first thing that comes to mind is a website. However, hosting can be applicable for different purposes. You may run an SMB, be a professional blogger or be a web pro setting up your data centre, selecting the right hosting, therefore, depends on the purpose you wish to use it for.

In this post, I’ll walk you through two of the most suitable hosting services for hosting your business website or web-app viz. Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting, their advantages, the difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting and if you should opt for them. But before delving into understanding what they are, let us first understand a common concept, Virtualization.

What is Server Virtualization?
Server Virtualization in simple words is dividing a physical server into several smaller servers using a hypervisor which is a virtualization software. These partitioned servers are virtual in nature and each of them acts as an independent entity, each having its own set of resources. In fact, when you choose to host your website on a VPS server, you don’t pay for the entire server but just an independent isolated part of it. Virtualization, therefore, helps in saving hardware resources, reduces maintenance costs and the power needed to run the physical infrastructure.

Cloud Hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting both employ virtualization, where each server seems like it is one dedicated machine but in essence, is a virtual server. However, even though they share one commonality there are certain aspects that distinguish them completely.

Let us try to understand each of them and their advantages.

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud Hosting is essentially a collection of many servers interconnected to each other via a common network, thereby forming one large server. As opposed to traditional hosting, Cloud Hosting distributes its resources like RAM, CPU, Disk Space between the servers. Owing to this, there is no delay in the delivery of CPU power or availability of RAM.

Cloud Hosting is not limited to powering websites and web apps, but also includes storage, the need for high-end security, root access etc.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting:

  1. Owing to multiple servers, Cloud Hosting is easily scalable as the load is distributed equally amongst all nodes. Should your traffic suddenly increase, your website is not affected by lack of resources as they can be acquired from others in an instantaneous manner. Thus, the performance of your website is also never compromised.
  2. As mentioned above, the resources in Cloud Hosting are distributed & this means there is no single point of failure, should a server fail. This feature not only guarantees the uptime of your website but also provides added security, as there is no single point of contact for the hacker to get through. Hence, Cloud Hosting proves to be reliable.
  3. With ResellerClub, Cloud Hosting comes with an added feature called as ‘Varnish Caching’. Varnish Caching is the feature that increases the performance of your website by almost 1000%. This is achieved by having a cache between your hosting server and your website. Whenever a user accesses something on the website, it gets stored on the cache and when someone else wants to access the very same information the request doesn’t have to go all the way to the server but can be retrieved from the cache itself. This reduces the time taken to retrieve the response and improves performance greatly.

What is VPS Hosting?
Virtual Private Server, otherwise known as VPS Hosting is a combinational version of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting.

With VPS Hosting, you as a web pro can get the best of both the worlds. In VPS Hosting, one large machine is divided into several virtual boxes. These virtual boxes then have their own individual resources like RAM, CPU, OS and Disk Space.

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  1. One of the benefits of VPS Hosting is that you get complete root access to your server, just like in Dedicated Hosting. Thus, you can customise your server environment based on your needs, i.e you can install any application you wish to.
  2. With VPS Hosting, your resources aren’t shared with anyone and you get features & functions of a Dedicated Server. Comparatively though, the pricing is low as you, after all, are sharing the same physical server with other websites.
  3. Another advantage of VPS is the dedicated IP feature and super-fast KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) that scales the performance of your website. Basically, KVM allows users to set minimum and maximum value to their resources, so you as a user only use those resources your applications need. This virtualization feature enables your website to perform better with fewer requirements on the hypervisor.

Why Choose Cloud Hosting?

  1. You are a growing business experiencing a high surge in traffic
  2. You require large bandwidth and have in-depth technical knowledge
  3. You wish to scale your website as and when required, within a few clicks

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

  1. You are looking for a customizable server environment
  2. You wish to have your own server, but don’t have a large business
  3. You wish for a Dedicated Hosting environment but with cost-effective features

Which One Should I opt for?
When it comes to Cloud Hosting vs VPS Hosting both have their sets of advantages, what suits one may not really be ideal for another.

If you are a new business, that expects to grow with increased traffic in the future it is best to choose VPS Hosting, as VPS Hosting is cost-effective, requires less technical knowledge and thus, is easier to manage.

On the other hand, if you are expanding your business and your current server is unable to efficiently handle the load and requirements of your incoming online traffic, it is advisable to switch to Cloud Hosting.

As a web pro, it is possible for you to switch from one hosting service to another, as we at ResellerClub provide both.

I hope this article on Difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting has helped you and should you have any queries feel free to leave a comment below.

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