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cPanel web hosting is a Linux hosted solution that is driven by cPanel. In order to know what this term exactly means, it is essential to first know what web hosting means. Web hosting is a service that allows business or individuals to host their website or web page on the internet. The files of this website are stored on servers which look like the CPU of a computer. In order to host your website, you will need your own domain. Once you get your hands on your own domain, you will also get your own email address for the same.

Hosting your own website is one thing. But as the owner of your website, you will need to manage the files on the website, control emails or maybe add domains or subdomains. In such a case, managing these important assets of your websites should not be a pain. This calls for an interface that will allow you to manage services provided by the server. In such cases, hosting a control panel becomes necessary. A control panel is a web-based interface which enabled users and admins to manage their server through their web browser. Some of the most popular names who provide these panels include cPanel, Plesk, Venta, Sentora, InterWorx etc. Of all the names available, cPanel is most popular.

What is cPanel?
cPanel is an online control panel which helps you manage your Linux-based hosting service. It allows you to take care of daily administrative tasks like maneuvering emails by creating and managing email accounts, resetting passwords and setting mail forwards. Apart from this, cPanel enables its users to create & download backup archives from their websites, uploading & managing files, managing add-on domains, FTP and security measures as well.

What makes cPanel popular with web professionals?
cPanel is a favourite with web professionals because of its simple GUI (graphic user interface) that allows users to manage the files with ease. If you are not using a website builder and are looking to avoid the hassle of managing system admins, cPanel is a great choice. Having said this, there are several other reasons that make cPanel a favourite with web professionals. With this article, you will know what are features and advantages of cPanel web hosting and what makes it a preferred choice for managing web hosting.

Part 1: What are the features of cPanel web hosting?
Web hosting with cPanel has several features that cover security, file management and app installation. Let us look at them one by one to see what they are all about.

1.Managing FTP accounts
FTP or File Transfer protocol is a protocol that allows users to upload, download, delete or move their files on the server. cPanel web hosting allows you to manage this at ease with the help of FTP accounts. Once you sign up for cPanel web hosting, an FTP account gets created automatically within the cPanel. Also, you can create several FTP accounts without giving access to unwarranted users. cPanel also gives you the control to decide which user should be given what level of access by assigning that user to a specific directory.

2. Solid database support
cPanel is supported by MySQL and PostgreSQL. Both structured query languages are possibly the most widely used query languages used to fetch information from databases. With cPanel web hosting, your website gets fortified with a solid database management system. Moreover, you can also use the cPanel to configure remote access to MySQL databases. With this, the MySQL databases will be accessed through external hosts.

3. Add on domains as per hosting plans
You can add multiple domains when you deploy cPanel web hosting and also edit the zone files of these domains by making changes in their records.You can add as many as 3 domains with the business plan and add unlimited domains with the professional hosting plan. If you want to make your website available through a different domain name, you can do that with the help of domain aliases feature in cPanel. Apart from creating domain aliases, you can also redirect a particular webpage to another domain with the help of the Redirect feature. Moreover, cPanel web hosting also allows you to add subdomains as well.

4. Email management as per hosting plans
cPanel web hosting offers myriad ways of managing your emails.You can create unlimited email accounts with any plan that you buy. Not to mention the unlimited disk space that comes when you are choosing cPanel shared hosting. It also provides you with a mailing list option to simplify sending emails to multiple users. You can also filter emails as per your choice and forward emails to people you want. Some key features of the cPanel email hosting are that it provides you with Apache’s Spam Assassin which helps you identify unsolicited spam mails and erase them for good. In addition to this, you can also use BoxTrapper to filter the spam mails from your inbox through response verification. Through this verification, you have control over which emails can reach your inbox. In a nutshell, BoxTrapper saves you from unwanted mails.
5. AWStats
With cPanel web hosting you can view the number of visitors on your website through AWStats. This allows you to know how well your website is performing and helps you identify what you can do in order to improve the performance of the website. As you upgrade your web hosting plans according to your requirement, you can further enhance your visitors as well because of sustainable resources.

6. Softaculous scripts that can be installed within the cPanel
cPanel web hosting allows users to automate their application installs with the help of Softaculous script installer. This allows users to install more than 400 applications through just one click. Some of them include WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. This makes cPanel web hosting all the more popular among many web professionals since cPanel does not prefer a particular set of applications. There is everything for everyone.

7. Cloudflare and Port 80
cPanel web hosting gives users access to Cloudflare, a content delivery network that secures and accelerates websites. Once you have access to Cloudflare through your cPanel web hosting, your web traffic gets routed through a global network that optimizes web page delivery so that the visitors’ pages get loaded faster. Also, Cloudflare protects you from DDoS and other attacks. Apart from Cloudflare, users who enable the Port 80 through cPanel web hosting can block spams and protect themselves from attacks as well. This makes cPanel web hosting more secure in comparison to other hosting and panel providers.

cPanel web hosting serves as a complete package when it comes to control, security and freedom to manage your website. In addition to its salient features which are appreciated by web professionals, what makes them stick to cPanel web hosting is the long-term benefit that they provide. Here are some of its key advantages.

Part 2: What are the advantages of buying cPanel web hosting?
Points that make cPanel stand out from the rest are many. But here are some key advantages that truly give an advantage to its users.

1. Provides you a with a shared package
cPanel web hosting will give you total control over software as well as hardware applications. You can shut your server down from a remote location and reboot your operating system if needed. Also, you can choose any kind of Linux based hosting plans, typically ranging from VPS, shared or dedicated. In addition to the cPanel that is given in the hosting plans, you can avail WHM (Web Host Manager) if you switch to the VPS server and WHMCS (Web Hosting Manager Complete Solutions) if you opt the Reseller hosting package.

2. Pre-installed cPanel that monitors performance of website
When you buy a cPanel web hosting plan, you get a c-Panel pre-installed with the same. Which is why you end up saving the time that goes into installing any other panel. Also, you can monitor the performance of your website. If you happen to update your hosting plan and upgrade the resources you can also keep a check on the number of resources utilized in terms of disk space or speed etc. This allows users to keep track of their resource usage for a particular server.

3. Backup and scale
Web hosting via cPanel ensures that your data is safe and secure. Most importantly, a backup can be taken at any time because cPanel has integrated itself with software like r1soft and idera. Also, cPanel can be scaled according to the choice of your hosting plan. You can choose any kind of a hosting plan. Some of them include: Reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers or even shared hosting plans.

4. Economical as compared to Windows
Users of cPanel are happy with the fact that the licenses of cPanel are not costly like other platforms. This is another reason people prefer cPanel over others. cPanel web hosting is not a service that just aggregates all kinds of features together to spoil users for choice. Instead, it is a conglomerate of rightful applications that are assembled to ensure the robust management of your website. All the features that are added are well thought of keeping different kinds of web professionals having different needs in mind. So, when the user’s needs are kept at the fore, it is hard for anyone to turn it down.

We hope that you have understood what cPanel web hosting means and what it has in store for you. In case you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, do let us know.

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