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The type of web hosting platform you choose has a significant impact on the speed and performance of your website. Web hosting can be a technical process for a beginner or someone not acquainted with the workings of servers and hosting. This is where control panels come to the rescue. Web hosting control panels are applications that help you seamlessly manage your hosting account and make the most of it.

In this article, we will look at cPanel-based VPS Hosting plans and understand their meaning and benefits.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and VPS Hosting is a method of website hosting where a single hosting server is virtually divided into multiple virtual servers through a process called server virtualization and powered by a software called a hypervisor. Each website gets dedicated resources from the server, which aren’t shared with any other website on the server. 

Additionally, each website is completely isolated from other websites, which means that the actions performed by one website have no impact on other websites. Therefore, each website pretty much behaves like a small server. Hence the name, Virtual ‘Private’ Server. 

This isolation ensures complete access to the server, enabling VPS users to tweak and modify their server settings as per their specific requirements. However, as mentioned earlier, managing the hosting setup in general and the root access, in particular, can be tricky for a beginner or non-tech individual. 

To help with this, users can get a control panel with their VPS Hosting plans.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is one of the most popular website management tools.  It contains, within itself, a whole range of tools and applications which work together seamlessly. 

cPanel is very easy to use. It allows you to accomplish quite a few major server and website-related tasks seamlessly. With cPanel, you can add resources to your hosting plan, remove resources, raise customer support tickets, create and manage email marketing campaigns, manage all your files and domains, edit scripts, and do so much more. 

cPanel-based web hosting is famous because it’s very easy for beginners to learn while being quite versatile for experts to use. cPanel is only available if you use Linux-based hosting, and for a lot of people using Linux hosting, cPanel is the default choice. Most top website hosting companies usually offer cPanel for free with their website hosting plans. 

So what is cPanel VPS? If your VPS Hosting plan comes with cPanel, it’s called a cPanel VPS Hosting plan. 

Benefits of cPanel VPS Hosting

  1. cPanel makes hosting easy

As mentioned before, cPanel is very easy to learn and use. It has an easy-to-use interface, known as the Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is similar to the point and click format of Windows.

So, you don’t have to know Linux or Linux commands. Instead, you get a simple GUI dashboard that lists out all the functions that you can perform. The interface is intuitive, and as you learn more about hosting and websites, you’ll discover more features, making it a versatile software suite. 

  1. Root access

This is one of the biggest selling points for VPS. Root access is similar to ‘Admin’ access in a home PC. 

Root access is the highest level of clearance given to a user in a Linux machine. With root access, you can view and edit all files and folders on the server. Additionally, you can install or uninstall third-party applications that may not be natively supported by your hosting company. 

You can also close unused ports, change default port numbers, use third-party security applications, change your Javascript delivery system, better protect your website against brute force attacks, etc. 

Root access basically allows you to customize your website and tune it to your exact needs. It enables you to make performance and security changes that you otherwise cannot, without root access. 

However, making the most of a VPS root access has a learning curve. People new to web hosting can get confused and eventually make mistakes. And mistakes in the usage of root access can have severe consequences on the accessibility and security of your server. cPanel can help you here.

cPanel has an easy-to-use GUI interface. cPanel VPS Hosting makes it easier to use the root access feature and make the necessary changes to the server settings.

  1. Security

In other hosting methods where there’s no isolation between the websites, an attack on one website can easily expose all other websites to the same threat. This is because there’s just a single main directory that contains information about all the websites. If it’s compromised, pretty much every website on the server is under threat. 

In VPS, this problem is entirely mitigated thanks to the fact that websites are completely isolated, meaning that any attack on a website that’s on the same server as yours will have absolutely no impact on your website. 

Additionally, root access allows you to tweak the security settings and install necessary software and applications that can improve your server security. 

  1. Performance

One of the problems of Shared Hosting without dedicated resources is that you never get predictable performance. If one of the websites on the server is using a lot of resources at any given time, other websites get fewer resources and therefore become slow. 

With VPS, you get dedicated resources that you don’t have to share with other users, meaning that your website will have predictable performance. What’s more, if your website is well optimized but slow, you immediately know the problem and can add resources to your VPS plan. 

Further, with cPanel support, you can easily track your resource usage on the interactive dashboard. If you feel there is a need for more resources to keep your website running smoothly, you can scale up your resources through the cPanel dashboard.

  1. VPS is easy to scale

Scalability is the ability to add or remove resources from your hosting plan, and with VPS, it’s very easy to do just that. With good hosting companies, it should literally be a question of a few minutes. So, as your website grows and your need for resources increases, you can always be rest assured that it’ll be easy to scale your hosting plan. As seen in the previous point, you can easily add resources from your cPanel dashboard.

  1. cPanel community

For a long time, cPanel was pretty much the only name in the business, meaning that there are thousands of people who have used it and continue to do so. There are a lot of cPanel forums online, and there’s also a massive community of users. 

The result of this is that if you ever have a problem with cPanel, chances are, the problem and its solution is already available online, which is immensely helpful. cPanel also has an excellent help section for beginners, complete with FAQs, blogs, video guides, and so on, making it very easy for you to get started. 

  1. Price to feature ratio

VPS, as mentioned earlier, behaves like a small server of your own. Essentially, it’s like having Dedicated Hosting, but on a smaller scale. This is a huge advantage for VPS Hosting. It offers a lot of features that Dedicated Hosting offers, but at a smaller scale and for a much lower price. You get the freedom, autonomy, and control that you’d get with Dedicated Hosting, which makes VPS Hosting a very attractive proposition for growing websites. With the support of the cPanel control panel, using the features of a VPS such as root access and scalability becomes even easier, thus making cPanel VPS Hosting a cost-effective proposition.


The combination of cPanel and VPS is a marriage of the best of both worlds — hosting and website management. 

This combination will allow you to create a website that’s easy to run, safe from hackers, and utterly reliable. However, it’s important to make sure that you get your best VPS with cPanel from a reputed hosting company to get fast, secure, and reliable hosting. 

ResellerClub offers pre-integrated free cPanel with all their VPS Hosting plans. With our fully managed cPanel VPS Hosting plans, you get Solid State Drive storage, seamless scalability, choice of top Linux distros, advanced DDoS protection, 24×7 dedicated support, and instant server provisioning.

In a setup as strong as this, you won’t have to worry about hosting or technical problems and can instead solely focus on growing your website.

To know more about our hosting services, and other updates from the world of hosting head to our Hosting Blogs now.

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