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For those of you who missed the HostingCon 2014 event and wished you attended, we give you exclusive access to the speakers’ presentations itself! In our 6 part series on ‘What HostingCon 2014 Offered’, we share each speaker’s presentation deck so you still have the opportunity to learn from them.

David Snead, Attorney at Law & Co-Founder Internet Infrastructure Coalition talked about how you can understand government policies better to make them beneficial to your global business. Snead tells you how your passion and enthusiasm can change policies in India and world over. Take a look at his presentation below:

Thinking Globally. Acting Globally. from David Snead

Pulkit Gupta, CEO & Chief Architect at Softaculous talks about how you can improve your server security and shares his presentation here:

Simple tips to improve Server Security from Pulkit Gupta

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