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About a month ago, we received a comment on our Uservoice channel about the need for automating WebMoney payments. Having launched a localized Russian Program just months ago, we realized the need for this was pressing & got down to launching this right away.

Today, I’m delighted to announce that we now allow automated payments with WebMoney on our Global and Russian program (after having developed, beta-tested & stress-tested this in just a month!).

What’s different with this implementation?
In the earlier implementation of WebMoney, manual intervention was required to credit funds into a Reseller’s account.

Now, funds can be added to your Account instantly and the transactions are 100% secure.

This is what the new interface looks like:

Lots more coming up!
We’ve already started work on automating payments through Alipay and are also researching better payment options for various countries.

I would love your feedback on this as well as other payment options that you’d like to see – Do comment below or send me your feedback on leo-dot-j-at-resellerclub-com.

To automatically add funds to your Reseller Account, you need to:
Login to your Control Panel >> Go to My Billing >> Click on Add Funds >> Select WebMoney.
You’ll then be redirected to the Secure WebMoney Payment Gateway screen.