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An Update:

CloudFest 2020 has been cancelled due to concerns around the coronavirus outbreak. 

Here is the statement released by the CloudFest Team-

“Due to public health concerns related to the coronavirus outbreak, we saw no alternative but to cancel CloudFest 2020. The health and safety of our attendees, partners, presenters, and colleagues is of the utmost importance to us. We were forced to consider the growing risk of exposure, especially in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, where our event is located.

The unclear infection path, as well as the risk of quarantine orders lasting several weeks on short notice, could not be ignored. With over 7,000 people from the Cloud community expected to gather from almost every continent, the risk of inadvertently spreading the virus was just too high.

This was a painful decision for us, but your health and safety are just too important. We’re already looking forward to bouncing back with style for 2021.

We’re glad to be part of this amazing Cloud community, and we’re grateful for your understanding.

Right now, though, you have questions—and we have answers.

You can hit this link for the official CloudFest statement.”

ResellerClub supports the CloudFest team’s decision and we wish all of you good health and well-being. Stay safe!

This was our original post about the event:

ResellerClub is kicking off 2020 with a bang! You will see us exhibiting (as Gold Partners 🙂 at CloudFest 2020 after a 5-year break. If you’ve visited a ResellerClub event before, you can bet we have a ton of exciting things in store for you at one of the largest web hosting events/ festivals/parties (read more to find out!)

If you haven’t heard what CloudFest is:

CloudFest is one of the largest web hosting events in the world. CloudFest sees over 7000 attendees from around the world flocking to network with an international community of web pros and learn from insightful sessions centered on the cloud, hosting and web infrastructure. Following up on the theme from 2019, CloudFest is focused on Artificial Intelligence and how the cloud industry should prepare for the huge impact this technology will have on our industry. 

In particular this year, CloudFest is specifically inviting ‘web pros’ (you!)- because YOU help bring people online every day. You can learn more about CloudFest will benefit you here-https://www.cloudfest.com/webpros

Profiles of people & companies at CloudFest:

Meet people working in IT, business development, marketing, development & engineering, data centers & infrastructure, software & systems, product management, human resources and more. Interact with brands in Cloud & hosting services, hardware & web infrastructure, VAR, Registrar & registry services, ISPs, etc 

A special offer for you:

We are always keen to meet and hear from you. We hope you will join us at Booth #F04 and as a special offer, you can register to attend CloudFest for free at cloudfest.com with this code Sud7wE6U. This code is valid for a Standard Pass worth €300. 


Mar 14th- 19th


The venue is another element that makes CloudFest unique. The event is held in an amusement park- making it the easiest and most fun way to meet new people. 




View this page for more information- https://www.cloudfest.com/location

Who will you meet from ResellerClub?

  • Your Account Managers – Mukhtadir Syed, Ashwini Shetty and Simran Ahuja
  • Our Marketing Head, Mitika Kulshreshtha
  • Our Sr. Vice President and Managing Director, Manish Dalal

#TBT- A look back at ResellerClub’s past presence at CloudFest (then known as WHD)

At the first ever WHD in Asia & WHD Global (Germany) 2011 

We hope to see you in 2020! 

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CloudFest 2020
Rust, Germany,
Starting on
March 14, 2020
Ending on
March 19, 2020