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It was a delightful day for us at ‘World Hosting Days India’ held in Mumbai on the 28th of October. The ResellerClub booth did have a warm, welcoming look to it. So it must have been a lack of sleep and excess of caffeine for our hard working event crew. A pleasant morning which started off with eagerness and optimism met more than what we had anticipated.

welcome home whd2015 booth

Our Account Managers and Sales team representatives probably found it hard to catch a breather with the increasing number of enthused attendees and our beloved Resellers. We are ever-ready when it comes to customer queries and tech-support, but it felt good to put a face to a name and clear the doubts of our customers; a much-needed exchange of our future prospects and ideas. Our Account Managers provided a live demo for our existing Resellers. For those who were new to what ResellerClub is, our NewBiz team gave a virtual tour on what we are all about and how they can benefit from us along with how the supersite functions.

whd quiz

The ResellerClub booth had a lot of fun and games to begin with. From an industry-related quiz, to free selfie-sticks with which attendees uploaded live selfies using the hashtag ‘SmilewithResellerClub’, to goodie bags and a lucky draw as well! Each of the 3 games had a winner and the prize that was given away was a brand new HTC 620G. The best selfie won the social media contest. The lucky draw was among a bunch of business cards at our reception desk. It was definitely all smiles for our customers and our Team.

Shridhar’s Speech

Post-lunch at around 2 pm, our very own General Manager Mr. Shridhar Luthria delivered a speech that was well received by one and all present there. His speech revolved around the Internet industry in context with the Indian market. Some of the highlights of the topic were:

  1. How customers prioritize social media platforms over the importance of a website
  2. How customers think the website is more of an added expense which will not be of much value for their business or establishment
  3. How SMBs are not questioning the value of an online presence and how they could make better use of a website

“There are less than 50,000 responsive websites in India.”

WHD Shridhars speech ResellerCLub

“Should we only offer a website or a holistic package to add value to the website?”

The crux of it all is that we at ResellerClub want to transcend the concept of a website to an online presence package. We would like the website to be perceived as a central source of information for everything online by linking social media, advertising, PR to one place. Thus, we are soon going to introduce ResellerClub bundles. Imagine an all-in-one package that consists of a domain, web hosting as well as e-mail. We believe that this could change that way we do business and in short, help to improve your sales.

WHD India wound up with some delicious food, drinks and quiet a memorable after-party! We surely had fun because we love what we do and are looking forward to meeting you at ResellerClub presents HostingCon India 2015 in Mumbai! See you there!

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