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In our previous post of the WebPro Panel Series, we covered the features of the revamped order management experience, right from purchasing an order, managing it to renewing it.

In this third post of the series, we introduce you to our all-new Customer Panel – a panel that gives your customers the freedom to manage their own orders. Further, we will see how you can manage customers, assign orders to them and manage their panel from your WebPro Panel account.

For your benefit, we will divide Customer Management into two sections:

  1. Managing your Customers
  2. Customizing the Customer Panel

Managing your Customers

In order to manage your customer, you first need to add customer accounts to your WebPro Panel. So without further ado, let us begin understanding how you can manage your customer.

  1. Creating a Customer Account
    If you want to create a new customer account then on the same dashboard, click on ‘ + Create Customer’. A new window opens where you fill in the customer details both personal and business and click on ‘Create Account’.
  2. Viewing your Customers
    Knowing how many customers there are is important when it comes to managing them with ease. To see how many customers you have, click on the ‘Customers’ tab in the vertical slide bar and a list of all the customers is displayed on the Dashboard.There are separate tabs for ‘Suspended’, ‘Active’ and ‘Inactive’ customers. In our panel, we only have ‘Active’ customers.
  3. Managing Your Customers
    You can easily manage your customers by clicking on the customer name which opens up their profile page and displays the following information:

    • Customer contact information
    • Account security information
    • Orders associated with the customer account and their status
    • Latest Activity which includes transactions and actions performed by the customer
    Image #04

    Depending on the actions you need to perform, click on the following links:

    1. For modifying the business details of a customer account, click on the edit icon highlighted on the dashboard in yellow in image #04 above
    2. For modifying the account details, go the ‘Account Security’ section and click on ‘Change’/ or ‘View/Change’ depending on the information you want to change. This is highlighted in purple in image #04 above
    3. To suspend a customer account click on the icon highlighted in blue in image #04 above. Post clicking that a window pops up, asking you what you want to suspend. Select what you want to suspend and click on ‘Suspend Customer’
    4. If you want to unsuspend a customer, go to the ‘Customers’ section in your dashboard and click on the ‘Suspended’ tab. Here click on the ‘Customer Name’ you want to unsuspend. A new window opens with a display message and the ‘Unsuspend’ button, click on this. A pop up is displayed confirming if you want to unsuspend the customer here click on ‘Unsuspend Customer’.
      You have successfully unsuspended your customer.
    5. Should you want to delete a customer account permanently, click on the icon highlighted in red in image #04 above. A new window then pops up and asks if you want to ‘Delete <Customer Name>’.
      The deletion action is irreversible, a customer account once deleted can’t be restored.

Now that we’re done with managing the Customer Account. Let us move on to the next section of seeing how a customer can purchase and manage their orders.

In the same customer dashboard, you as a WebPro can purchase orders for your customer. These orders are then visible on the right-hand side of the dashboard along with the Activity Stream of purchased orders labelled under ‘Latest Activity’.

The customer can perform the same actions you can perform on orders from their Customer Panel. To access the Customer Panel from your (WebPro) dashboard, click on the icon highlighted in green in the screenshot above. This will take you to the customer panel that is similar to your dashboard.

Note: The customer can log into their panel using their credentials and manage their orders.

Now that we’ve seen how to manage our customer orders and the panel, let us move onto customizing our customer panel.

Customizing the Customer Panel

When customers log into their account or receive automated emails it is important that they know the brand they are associated with. Customizing the customer panel assures that every customer carries your brand. Let us see how you can customer the customer panel from your WebPro Panel account.

Note: Customizing can only be done from the Reseller Account and not the Customer Account.

  1. Adding a Logo
    A logo is a visual representation of your brand and adding it to your customer panel helps you brand your business better.Follow these simple steps to add your business logo to your customer panel.

    Step I: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab in the sliding vertical bar on left.
    Step II: In ‘Your Branding Settings’ tab go to ‘Add Your Logo’. Here, click on ‘Change Your Logo’.

    Note: Depending on whether you have a rectangular logo or a square it is recommended you follow the pixel size mentioned. And you have changed the logo of your Customer Panel. The logo is visible on the top left corner of the customer panel. (screenshot at the end of the post)

  2. Customizing the URL
    The second most important thing of the customer panel URL is the URL your customers see when they log in to their panel. The URL is by default your Reseller Account Name and Web Pro ID. This URL helps in branding your company name or brand name, and hence should ideally be changed to represent these. You can change this URL anytime you want.To change follow these steps:

    Step I: Click on the ‘Settings’ tab in the sliding vertical bar on left. In ‘Your Branding Settings’ tab go to ‘Customer Panel URL’. Here click on ‘Change the prefix of this URL’
    Step II: Change your URL and click on ‘Save URL’
    Your updated Customer Panel looks like this:


With this, we come to an end of customer management in the WebPro Panel. If you are a reseller associated with us, you can now easily add and manage your customer accounts and their orders on the go. Moreover, you can now even give them the means to manage their own orders with a custom-branded panel.

If you haven’t read our previous posts and are wondering about the WebPro Panel and how it came to be, then you can read all about it here.

Do you have any comments? If yes, do leave them in the comments box below. I’ll see you soon with the final segment of the WebPro Panel. Until next time!


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