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As we stand at the halfway mark this year, it would be remiss not to mention some cool features on the WebPro Panel. The WebPro Panel was built with the sole aim to make business easy, convenient and super accessible. The WebPro Panel has had fantastic uptake as many of our resellers have already upgraded to the new panel. There are some very cool features that the WebPro Panel boasts of, namely:

  • A new look interface with a clean and modern design
  • A faster and more convenient purchase experience
  • Reimagined order management and customer management
  • Improved navigation and search 

How has this helped?

  • Frictionless purchase: No hassles while you buy products. Easy checkout, no need to add funds to your account. 
  • Easy view of expiring orders: Stay up-to-date with our refined and dedicated view for all your orders expiring in the next 30 days. Never miss a thing!
  • New customer management features: Add customers, assign orders, etc.
  • Improved Order Management: Refreshed order views with quick access to the most frequently used settings and actions makes managing your orders a breeze. 

Our WebPro Series covers these elements in feature-length blog articles which I will link below:

WebPro Panel Part I: The Introduction

WebPro Panel Part II – An all-new Order Management Experience

WebPro Panel Part III – The Next Step – Managing your Customers

WebPro Panel Part IV: Managing your Account Seamlessly

BUT! Allow me to get to the point without further ado. Our Feature in Focus on the WebPro Panel is Pro Invoices! Why is this feature such a big deal? It’s a great productivity tool for your business. Additionally, it’s a pretty neat tool that could help resolve a major pain point with our WebPros – invoicing your customers.

What are Pro Invoices & What can you do with it? 

Pro Invoices is a nifty tool built to help you, the WebPro invoice your customers. The benefits are plenty:

1) As a WebPro, you can now bill for your services and don’t just have to send invoices for products we sell. 

You can send consolidated invoices for your website design and development charges, can add multiple line items to your invoices and even bill by the hour. 

Here is how that looks. 

2) You can add discounts to your invoices, record advance payments, mention due dates and even add payment details right on the invoice you send out. 

3) The redesigned Customer’s tab lets you, the WebPro take quick stock of your business

  1. There are quick filters for Unpaid and Overdue invoices so that you can follow up on payments. 
  2. You can quickly search for a transaction by description or customer name
  3. You can filter transactions by month, quarter or a date range of their choice
  4. A counter on the top lets you know how much money you have already collected and how much you are yet to be paid. 
  5. Shortcuts let you quickly download/print / resend invoices and mark them as paid

4) A blown up view of Invoices lets you perform more actions

  1. You can mark invoices as bad debt or even cancel them
  2. You can record further part payments your customers make 
  3. The Invoice History section gives a quick look into every action and payment made towards the invoice

5) Last but not least, you can do all of this looking like a Pro!

The customized section can be accessed through Pro-Suite > Pro Invoices.

  1. You can choose from a range of predesigned Invoice templates 
  2. You can add your logo to invoices you send out 
  3. You can even customise the colour of their Invoices to match their business colours

Steps to get started with Pro Invoices

STEP 1: Log in to your control panel. Learn how

STEP 2: Navigate to the Pro-Suite tab.

In the side navigation bar click Pro-Suite

STEP 3: Using the Invoicing Tool.

  1. On the Pro-Suite tab, you can use the invoicing tool and customize it, by clicking Great, Get me Started.getting-started
  2. Choose a template for your invoice. Getting started


You can change the template anytime from this tab.

  1. Click Continue to Customize to setup your invoice.

STEP 4:Customizing your Invoice template

Before you can send out your first invoice, you can personalize the invoice as you require. You can modify the following details as mentioned below.

  1. Changing the background colour.
    Choose from a range of colour swatches and pick one that reflects your business identity.background-colour 
  2. Adding your business logo.
    Upload your business logo to see it on all your invoices.adding-logo
  3. NOTE:
    • We recommend adding a logo that has your company name.
    • The recommended size for logo is 200 px x 60 px.
  4. Adding your billing address
    The address on the invoice is auto fetched from your profile. adding-address
  5. NOTE:
  6. Modifying the address on this page will also modify your address on the profile.
  7. Adding Payment Details
    Add the bank details of the account where you would like to receive the payments for the invoices. You can also mention details of additional payment methods that you support.adding-payment
  8. Tax ID
    Enter your Tax ID in this field.adding-tax-id
  9. Changing the template.
    During customization, you can also change the template which you selected earlier, by choosing any template from the CHOOSE YOUR INVOICE TEMPLATE section on the page. changing-template

Your invoice template is now ready for use.

Login & give this feature a try!

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