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After months of anticipation and patient build-up, our webinar with Shridhar took place three days ago and went off smoothly. Shridhar was his usual self – jovial, witty & extremely insightful, making the webinar thoroughly interesting. We had a huge turnout and some really great questions coming in. We will make sure we get those answered through our Account Managers to each of you.

In the webinar, Shridhar took us through the past 6 months at ResellerClub, and was honest about what didn’t work for us – our support. He shared the measures and changes we were going to undertake to ensure we do not face issues on the support front again. Shridhar wasn’t bashful while talking about our successes so far either. Additionally, he talked about what’s cooking “inside the lab” – a sneak peak into the exciting, upcoming things at ResellerClub just for you!

There was more but we’d rather you hear it from the man, himself.

For those of you who couldn’t make it, we know you would’ve loved to be there but lucky for you, we’ve got it!

Check out the webinar recording here & let us know what you think.


For your reference, we’re also sharing the presentation deck below.

If you’ve got questions for Shridhar or comments, please do share it with us in the comments section below.

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