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India is the third largest online growing community in the world and the fastest growing community in Asia! With statistics as astounding as that, it is impossible to ignore the possibilities with this country and its people!

‘Desi’ is a unifying term fondly used to describe people and culture from the entire Indian subcontinent and its diaspora!  There are 1.7 billion desis in the world in almost every sector and every country.

For this reason alone, .DESI CEO saw the need to leverage this massive potential to create long term demand. .DESI is today the World’s First Domain Recognised by Desis. .DESI is not just an address but an emotional identity. .DESI is set to hit a target of 7 billion domain names in the next few years.

Our Webinar with .DESI was held on 9th December 2014 with CEO of .DESI, Ravin Ohri. The webinar was held to showcase how .DESI can be effectively used to cater to desis world over. No other domain name triggers immediate recognition like .DESI.

Take a look at the Slidedeck and video from our webinar below:

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