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As mentioned in our previous post, having a .Asia in a domain name has its advantages! To give you a better understanding of the potentials of this extension, we conducted a joint Webinar with Edmon Chung – CEO of DotAsia, on 21st October 2014! This Webinar was held to explain the key benefits of having a .Asia TLD in a domain name. It received a great response, and was very insightful in terms of marketing this TLD!

Edmon shared in detail why .Asia is perfect for your customers who want to build a targeted online presence. From statistics on the Asian online market to making a difference in the Asia-Pacific markets, Edmon covered a lot of topics regarding the benefits of this domain name. He also shared insights about the growing .Asia presence along with many interesting facts and figures!

We have an EXCLUSIVE promo for .Asia, you can check it out here! Below is the Slidedeck and video for our Webinar: