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It’s been quite a journey for folks at ResellerClub in the last one year. With several product launches and integrations that have come our way, we’re steadily moving towards our goal of becoming a marketplace for web professionals. As you already know, the web services industry is evolving and we at ResellerClub are aware of this change. It’s time for us to adapt to the needs of every web professional out there.

We conducted the Web Pro Webinar Series to reach out to a wider audience of web professionals in order to share tips tricks and hack from our product whizzes. In our first session of the Web Pro Webinar Series, Shridhar shared some of his insights on the growing internet population and how necessary it is to capitalize on these promising numbers. He followed it up with a vision for the future of ResellerClub and web professionals – in 2017 and beyond. Here’s what he shared:

The state of the Web Services Industry today

Here are a few useful TLD insights Shridhar shared in the Webinar:

  1. There are 334.6m+ domains registered globally
  2. First-time renewal rates are ~55-65%
  3. Subsequent renewal rates are ~75%

Moving on to the main question, are these numbers reflective of growth? Here are a few more stats that Shridhar shared.

shridhar webinar global internet stats resellerclub blog

The largest countries by Internet population are China, India, USA, Brazil and Japan in ascending order. Internet penetration in Japan is around 91% while Brazil has grown significantly over the years ( ~ 66% as of 2016) . He also shared a breakdown of the status of web services in India. Have a look at the image below for more information.

developing markets in india resellerclub blog shridhar webinar 2017

So what’s impairing growth in the Domains and Hosting market ?

SMBs globally still feel that making a website is a lot like rocket science

  1. Nearly 60 million businesses worldwide have moved to Facebook Business Pages (as of 2016)
  2. Similarly, aggregators like Zomato or Yelp! seem to be an effective solution for startups to gain momentum

How can we tackle this? We need to future-proof ourselves!

Shridhar mentioned that while the domains and hosting industry could continue to scale up for a bit, changing to meet the needs of the web industry and modern web professional is paramount.

For any sort of web professional or web hosting providers today, the primary market is the SMB market. Many of you provide services to large enterprises, but it’s really small and medium sized businesses that make the volumes and make this industry what it is today.


  • Have access to digital infrastructure – devices connectivity, etc.
  • Use consumer centric services – Messaging, e-mail etc.
  • Rely on digital discovery – Business listings, websites, etc.
  • Use business workflow and productivity tools – CRMs, inventory management, etc.

The point that Shridhar got across is that with changing SMB needs, domains and hosting are now the ancillary components or building blocks of our Industry and that we need to diversify our services. Moving on to the next section of Shridhar’s webinar, he speaks of his journey with ResellerClub and how we’ve grown over the years.

The Evolution of ResellerClub

Before 2006, we were operating as the reseller arm of Directi and functioned under its brand name till we launched www.resellerclub.com on the 17th of February 2006. Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

2006 – 2007

  • 20+ TLDs
  • First hosting products
  • Entered top 10 domain registrars

evolution of resellerclub shridhar webinar rc blog

2008 – 2012

  • 80+ TLDs
  • Shared & Reseller Hosting
  • Became the fastest growing wholesale registrar worldwide
  • First event – ResellerClub Hosting Summit

evolution of resellerclub shridhar webinar rc blog

2013 – 2016

  • 600+ gTLDs & 400+ new gTLDs
  • VPS & Dedicated servers launched
  • WebPro events – Ctrl+F5, Sitewars, etc.
  • ResellerClub presents HostingCon (India, China, Europe)

evolution of resellerclub shridhar webinar rc blog


At the tail-end of 2016, we had officially announced the #changewithresellerclub campaign at ResellerClub presents HostingCon India. We stated that we’re slowly going to transform from a domain name and web hosting provider to becoming a marketplace for web professionals in 2017. Shridhar covers that in more detail below.

A smarter web, a smarter ResellerClub. #ChangeWithResellerClub

The various opportunities we are looking at are:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • SaaS-based applications
  • WebPro Tools
  • A much better experience to support this!

Did you know that

  • The Global Cloud & SaaS market stands at $80bn and $31bn respectively?
  • Communication & Collaboration and CRM SaaS applications generated approx. ~55% of SaaS industry revenue in 2015?

Here’s a look at this breakdown for a better understanding of how the SaaS industry has just been booming over the last few years.

Most funded SaaS applications Shridhar webinar ResellerClub blog

Now, let’s talk about what’s changing at ResellerClub. This change is about adding value to you. Here is a list of what ResellerClub has to offer you this year:


  • KVM Virtual Private Servers:

KVM VPS launched two weeks ago around mid-February. We’ve always had Virtuozzo based VPS and now we’re glad to announce a KVM VPS on our platform! Since KVM comes with privatized virtual hardware and guaranteed resources for reliability and customizability, it proved to be a great addition to our platform.

KVM VPS servers resellerclub blog shridhar webinar

2) WordPress Hosting
We’re going to be launching this very soon! Since it’s one of the most preferred platforms by web pros for hosting websites, we’re now going to be integrating it on ResellerClub.

WP hosting shridhar webinar blog resellerclub

3) Cloud Servers

Just imagine having cloud structure within your Reseller control panel! This is the first real cloud infrastructure product that we’re looking to offer. You can expect it this March.

cloud servers shridhar webinar resellerclub blog

4) Web Pro Tools

We will also be launching services like

  • WordPress themes
  • Other CMS themes like Joomla etc.
  • Graphics
  • Logos
  • Microscripts

5) SaaS Applications

Watch out for the following categories:

  • CRMs
  • E-Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll & HR
  • Expense tracking
  • Accounting &
  • Project management tools

We’re not only looking at launching these for a single brand but, multiple brands for each SaaS-based category. Shridhar addressed an important question from an attendee during his webinar.

Q: “If I build my own tools, how can I work with that?”
A:  You can actually take your own custom built applications and put it up on our cloud infrastructure and offer it on the ResellerClub ecosystem to all the other web professionals on our platform.

Moving on to the second part of our change is our interface.

The all-new WebPro Panel

That’s right folks, we’re launching a brand new control panel and it looks a lot like this!

web pro panel resellerclub blog shridhar webinar

This panel is just a prototype and will undergo changes. We are looking to spruce up the design a little bit. With the revamped control panel, you can/get:

  • Directly purchase and manage orders from your web pro/reseller account
  • Manage your order in one click
  • Faster, simpler search with auto fill feature
  • Simplified price settings
  • Project management
  • Mobile app

With the new project management tool, you can manage all your customers’ projects and sync it to your web pro panel – on web or app and also billing integration capabilities! How about that?!

Revamped Blog

As you can see, we’ve also changed the look and feel of our blog along with brand new content catering to web professionals.


Along with Ctrl+f5 and Sitewars, we will also be hosting Cloud Bazaar this year. It’s going to be one of the biggest ResellerClub events of the year, where different providers on our marketplace will be attending as well as exhibiting.

This is the change that we’ve been talking about since the last quarter of 2016 and we’re in full swing. We’re extremely excited and hope that you are too. #ChangeIsHere and it starts with ResellerClub!

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