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One of the fundamental mottos of ResellerClub is to help web professionals set up their online business. In fact, our focus rests so much on web professionals (whether they be web designers or developers) that we’ve gone as far as deciding to coin a new term – ‘Web Pro’ – which is basically short for Web Professionals. As a Web Pro, you take care of building websites, installing custom software and essentially help your customers take their businesses online. To make life easy for you i.e. the Web Pro, we have launched an all-new control panel specifically designed to help you keep a track of everything involving your business.

This all-new control panel which we call ‘WebPro Panel’ has a fresh minimalistic design, some smart and useful new features and a reimagined order and customer management approach. We believe that the WebPro Panel will be a key ingredient in helping make the mundane, everyday management tasks a breeze thus freeing you up to really focus on offering the best products and services to your customers.

In this series on the ‘WebPro Panel’, my aim is to help you understand ResellerClub’s WebPro Panel so that you are able to take advantage of all the new features to help run your business better. Before delving further let us first understand the need to launch the all-new WebPro Panel.

Launching the WebPro Panel

Like everything else, launching the WebPro Panel took a lot of research. In fact, it is wise to say the idea to launch a control panel for the WebPros was not a sudden decision.

The application required a lot of discussion and hours of interviews with some of our resellers to understand ‘is there anything that is difficult to navigate?’, ‘what would the web pros like to see changed?’, and so on. All of this, along with months of planning, design, development work and testing, gave birth to the WebPro Panel. This new and vastly improved panel is a result of understanding where the problems lie, and to fix them by finding a solution that is long term.

What About The Current Control Panel?

Now, once you sign up with us and set up your business, you have a set of customers that depend on you to provide services like hosting, development, design, security, etc. You also have the unenviable task of managing all these orders and customers.

It was with this idea in mind that the control panel was originally launched and has been in use for a while. You can enter your control panel by logging in here.

Over the years the original panel served the purpose adequately but eventually, there was a need for it to evolve. Thus, the WebPro panel came into existence.

The New Control Panel – The WebPro Panel

So what is it that makes WebPro Panel different from the existing control panel?

  1. A modern new-look dashboard inspired by a minimalist design
  2. Purchase products easily without adding funds to your account
  3. Quick Access to your most Recent Orders and your Expiring Orders
  4. A new panel for our Customers
  5. A lightning-fast search bar to quickly find your Orders and Customers
  6. A separate ‘Announcement’ section on the right to quickly view important announcements
  7. A sliding vertical bar on the left for each section viz. Order, Billing, Customer, Setting etc.
  8. Easy troubleshooting and setting


A Walk-through Of The All-new WebPro Panel – Exploring The Dashboard

Having seen the features of WebPro Panel, let us see how much it differs visually from the existing panel.

  • Search Bar and Announcements section to track all the new orders and customers
  • The search bar displays the ‘last five searches’ of both the orders and customers
  • The dashboard displays the ‘ten’ recently added orders and all the orders expiring in the next 30 days. View them by clicking on ‘Recently Added’ or ‘To be Renewed’ tab respectively
  • Also, the dashboard has colour codes to help you identify what each colour signifies
    Green colour line next to the order indicates that the order is active
    Red colour line next to the order indicates that the order is suspended
    Grey colour line next to the order indicates that the order is inactive
    For example, in our panel, we have three orders as Active and one Suspended

  • Make changes easily and quickly to the added orders. For instance, getting Name Server details, Editing Contact Details, Purchasing Privacy Protection etc.

  • A sliding vertical bar on left for easy customer management and order tracking.

With this, I hope you now have an idea of what is the WebPro Panel and how the newly launched panel will help you in setting up and managing your business with ease. You can also watch this short video below and see all of this in action.


In the next post of this series, we’ll learn how to add Orders, manage Accounts and Customers in your WebPro Panel in a detailed manner. Au revoir!

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