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ResellerClub is extremely proud to be associated with powerful, thriving and dynamic web pros, that we have the honour to call our customers. Looking at our customer’s successful journeys is what marks our success. 

Startec Web Solutions is one such ResellerClub customer that has grown and flourished over the years. We spoke to multiple people from the support and client relations team, who shared their experience of working with us, working in this dynamic industry and their overall growth journey. 

Company Name: Startec Web Solutions
We spoke to: Multiple people in support & Client Relations
Website Link: https://startecwebsolutions.com

My name is Matt Schlueter and it’s my passion to guide businesses and organizations to success through their web presence. I’ve been building websites since 2001 when I was asked to create one for our church and never looked back. I started my business as a one-man show, and still operate that way, outsourcing only what I need to.

I started hosting for my clients when I myself ran into bad hosting services one after the other. I found it easier to support them myself, branching out into maintenance plans and controlling things hosted on my own. Using trial-and-error to find the best options for my people.

Truly, I strive to make sure a website isn’t a burden, but rather a powerful tool to help organizations thrive.

I Choose Resellerclub Because:

I needed a resource for multiple types of hosting products without having to build the infrastructure myself. I wanted as many choices as I could have for my various types of clients. After testing some of the ResellerClub products, I was impressed by the number of offerings, as well as the quality and pricing. Eventually, I even moved my own site to a ResellerClub SSD Cloud account.

Q1. When did you enter the Web Services Industry and where do you see your business going?

I started building websites in 2001 and started the hosting side of things in around 2004 when I figured out it could be a source of recurring revenue. It’s been a slow, steady, growth since then, with 95% customer retention, repeat design clients, and I plan to continue that into the future.

Q2. What do you think is your secret to success and why do Customers prefer Startec Web Solutions?

My secret is simple. Ensure the customer is taken care of — even if they don’t know they need to be taken care off. Website infrastructure is fairly invisible to most customers. I make sure they have as close to 100% uptime as possible, as much speed as possible, and stay on top of any problems they might be having.

Q3. Tell us a little about doing business in the United States of America. What are the most unique aspects of the market?

I don’t know how to compare business in the USA to other countries, as it’s all I know. However, in the web industry, pretty much every small business I see is a potential client.

Q4. Is there any advice that you’d like to give others that are still learning the ropes in the Industry?

Don’t do it. LOL! Honestly, unless they can afford their own infrastructure and marketing, those looking to get into the web hosting business will likely have a very hard time. The competition is just too steep, and most people know to stay away from unknown names these days. I use the hosting side as a supplement to my design services. I do have some people who only host with me and designed their own sites, however, the vast majority of the people using my hosting services are people I designed sites for.

Q5.  You have been with ResellerClub for how many years now? What do you think has changed over the years?

I’ve been with ResellerClub for a couple of years. I joined because I needed more offerings for my clients, specifically cloud & VPS. This allowed me to sell these products under my name without owning the infrastructure. Other than upgrading to newer versions of existing products, I haven’t seen a lot of changes in this time.

Q6: Do you know about our all-new WebPro Panel? If yes. How is your experience of using it? If not, would you like to learn more about it?

I’ve been using the new panel, and really like the look & feel. It does seem like some of the more advanced functions, like API, branding, pricing, etc. are hidden away and not as easily accessible.

Q7. Could you tell us some interesting stories or anecdotes about your company? How has having ResellerClub as a partner helped your business?

Almost all of my business has come from word-of-mouth referrals. Some people found me by accident, but just getting referred by happy customers has kept me quite busy most of the time. ResellerClub has allowed me to offer any kind of hosting product to my clients that is possible. Integration into my WHMCS invoicing system makes ordering super easy for them. As long as I have funds available in my account, as soon as they order their product, it is immediately created for them at ResellerClub via the API functionality. Super convenient.

Q8: Could you tell us what your most preferred product is from ResellerClub? Also, how has your experience been?

I really like the SSD Cloud Hosting. It is super fast. 100% uptime so far, cPanel convenience, and unlimited space. It’s a winner. It has the performance benefits of VPS, but the convenience of shared hosting.

Q9: The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways businesses operate. Are you running your business remotely? If yes, how has your experience been thus far?

I’ve always run my business from home, so no changes for me there.

Q10: Are there any challenges you are facing while serving your customers? If yes, how are you overcoming them?

My biggest challenge is time. I have a large family, and also a day job besides running my business. In order to support my clients, unfortunately, it’s not a solution ResellerClub currently offers, but I actually have my shared hosting clients at a provider that offers free end-user support. They integrate their ticket system directly into mine. So, customers submit a ticket on my site and it goes straight to that provider. I would love to see a feature like this with ResellerClub.

Q11: What are your learnings when it comes to your interaction with your customers while working remotely?

I use an online conferencing tool to interact with my clients remotely. It allows me to easily share specific browser tabs, as well as standard webcam discussion with multiple participants.

Thank you Startec Web Solutions for sharing your story, ideas and experiences with us and our readers. We wish you continued success.

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