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We have spoken extensively about our new Email Hosting offering in our recent Blog Posts, which does away with the need to re-iterate the attractiveness of the newer parameters and the sales potential it has. In this blog post we will focus on two aspects; firstly, the infrastructure that powers our Email Hosting solution; secondly, the strategy that will help you bring in maximum growth.


Our main objective behind the New Email Plan is to provide an inexpensive, high-quality communication platform to users and businesses worldwide, with a focus on maximum profitability for our channel partners.


Questions to be asked – (a) Why would ResellerClub sell Unlimited Email plans for a mere 35 cents (b) Why just one plan?
Our focus has always been volumes rather than profit margins and the same ideology can be reinforced with the pricing of our Products and Services. One school of thought might argue that the concept of “one size fits all” would never work in today’s age of diversity and customization. Our argument from experience is that it will – if you change your focus from profit margins to volumes and decide on a competitive pricing that will attract Customers of every segment equally. It is always difficult to overcome the initial inertia but once you acquire the momentum, there is no stopping the juggernaut that can be created; let the economies of scale kick in and do the talking.


It is very easy to get carried away by a short term vision and the temptation to garner maximum profits from a single sale. This thought process will not work, making the acquisition of momentum very difficult. Your Customers are also soon going to learn that there are cheaper options available and that you will never be able to build annuity through Renewals.


This brings me to another minute, but important aspect of our ResellerClub Program i.e. Suggested Retail Price. We do all the necessary market research and then decide on a Suggested Retail Price for all our Products and Services. We analyze the three important C’s comprehensively for you – namely, Customer Demand i.e. if your Customers are willing to pay the asking price, Competitor pricing within your market, and your Cost. We highly recommend that you do consider the Retail Price suggested by us before making any decision on your Selling Price. With focus on these 3 important C’s, the Suggested Retail Price will help you strike the right balance between volumes and profit margins and above all help you gain the required momentum.


Coming to another very crucial element in our industry; Renewals. With the initial marketing efforts solely focused on volumes, Renewals are the next most important consideration which will bring in the year-on-year growth into your business. These Renewals will not only be in terms of Email or Web Hosting, but also in terms of other Products and Services. Unfortunately, majority of the folks tend to forget the importance of Renewals and focus mostly on first sales, which is a grave mistake in our industry. We sincerely suggest that you build the required rapport with your Customers and utilize the right amount of marketing efforts for Renewals as well. This will go a long way in building your success and growth.


Our Email Hosting launch is just the first step towards a Hosting revamp. Stay tuned for more surprises. Leave all the hard work to us, all the credit is for you to take.


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