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The demand for web hosting plans and services is growing more than ever, with more and more businesses considering taking their business online in this highly digitalized world. As a result, the web hosting market size, which was valued at $56.7 billion in 2019—is expected to reach a whopping $171.4 billion by 2027.   

It shows the increasing popularity and competition amongst different web hosting providers with the growing demands.  

If you want to step into this hosting industry and earn some great profits by offering high-in-demand web hosting services—you can go for the Reseller Hosting solution. It allows you to set up and run your own web hosting business without maintaining a hosting architecture or learning new skills.  

However, to survive in this intense competition and make your hosting business successful—you need to invest and implement an efficient and powerful marketing strategy for your business.  

This article shares five efficient ways to market your web hosting reseller business to reach your target audience and earn more money. But first, let’s look at what exactly reseller hosting is.  

What is Reseller Hosting?  

Reseller Hosting is a web hosting solution that makes starting and establishing your own web hosting business a breeze. All you’re required to do is—buy bulk web hosting plans from your parent hosting provider, tweak them per your choice, and sell them at a competitive rate to your customers.  

The best part about Reseller Hosting is that it doesn’t require you to learn high-end technical skills, invest a lot of money in hosting infrastructure, or maintain Hosting Servers. Instead, the parent hosting company handles all these tasks—including server management, maintenance, server upkeep, and security.  

Moreover, you get automated billing integration and web management tools like cPanel with your Reseller Hosting plans—making account creation, deletion, handling payments and creating hosting packages a breeze.  

For instance, at ResellerClub, we offer a free WHM and cPanel with our Linux Reseller Hosting plans to facilitate website management for your business.  

So, even if it’s quite easy to start and run your own Web Hosting Reseller business—marketing it the right way and making it reach your target audience is the real challenge.  

Marketing your hosting business will:  

  • Educate your target audience about your services.  
  • Help you build deep and long-term relationships with your customers.  
  • Build a respectable and credible brand image and reputation.  
  • Ensure maximum customer retention.  

So, let’s look at ways to achieve solid marketing results for your hosting business.  

5 Ways to Market Your Web Hosting Reseller Business  

While managing and running your hosting venture, it’s easy to get all into the technical aspects—sidetracking from the marketing efforts.  

Here are five easy and excellent ways to market your business and achieve a competitive edge against other hosting providers in the market.  

  1. Identify your business’s USP  

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is something that makes your brand and business unique from others and lets you stand apart from the increasing competition.  

An effective and convincing USP will allow you to communicate the value of your products and the reasons why customers should opt for your products and services.  

Some examples of USPs are:  

  • Offering 99.99% uptime guarantee  
  • Offering 50% cheaper web hosting solutions  
  • Award-winning customer support service 

It’s best to identify the demands and benefits of your services—which are meaningful and valuable to your target audience. Therefore, identify your business USP as early as possible to market it with all your services and stand a chance to be a more appealing and valuable hosting provider.  

  1. Determine your target audience  

Knowing your target audience is the most fundamental requirement to build the right marketing plan and know to whom exactly you’re marketing your hosting services.  

It helps you focus all your marketing strategies and efforts on specific customers and include relevant USPs, target keywords, run targeted ads, and create optimized blogs for maximum sales and conversions.  

As a Hosting Reseller, targeting a niche audience yields maximum results. Some examples of niche audiences include:  

  • Local restaurant owners 
  • WordPress bloggers  
  • Bakery and cake shops 

Focusing on a specific and niche target market will help you design and market hosting services that speak to the requirements of your target customers.  

  1. Research your competitors  

Web Hosting Reseller is a competitive marketplace—which provides ample opportunities to learn and seek inspiration from fellow competitors by conducting proper competitive research.  

You can analyze your competitor’s marketing strategies, the keywords they’re ranking for (keyword gap analysis), their USPs, and even SEO espionage to reverse-engineer and try to fill the void wherever you can.  

It’ll help you identify the services your target market is most attracted towards and likely to purchase—allowing you to find the gap in the market and stand out from others.  

  1. Leverage social media marketing  

Over 4.62 billion people worldwide use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter—making social media marketing extremely important and the need of the hour to excel in maximum customer engagement and acquisition.  

In fact, 82% of marketers repurpose their content on several social media platforms. It allows you to build a solid brand presence, promote services, and build long-term relationships with your customers.  

Hence, it’s crucial to engage with your target market actively, solve their queries, and promote your business on the platforms on which your target audience is most likely to be active.  

You can also invest in advertising campaigns and promotional banners for marketing your services.  

  1. Leverage email marketing  

Another way to reach your target market and promote your products and services is through email marketing.  

You can email sales announcements, discount codes, or even useful newsletters with compelling subject lines to make your prospects click on your emails and their CTAs.  

It’s best to personalize these emails as much as possible and incorporate high-resolution graphics and images to deliver a quality user experience and effectively communicate your brand message.  


Reseller Hosting is a highly profitable and lucrative venture—which allows you to earn a recurring passive and a full-blown income. However, to make it profitable and successful, you need to put effort and invest in the right marketing strategies.  

So, implement the marketing plans mentioned above and offer an excellent customer experience to market your Reseller Hosting business, reach potential customers, and make great profits.  

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