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The .CO domain extension is memorable, globally recognized, short and crisp for your big ideas and goals!  

While a lot of new domain extensions are available in the market today, most of these are restricted and suitable for a specific niche/market. .CO on the other hand is generic; thus, giving you the opportunity to create and build any niche that you want to.  

Across the globe, ‘CO’ is used as an abbreviation or an acronym for Company/Corporate. This means business websites, networking sites, professional services or anyone who wants to take their ‘company’ online can benefit from a .CO domain extension.  

That’s not all!  

Benefits of a .CO Domain 

Memorable – Being globally recognized, .CO is memorable and keeps the focus on your business name and industry.  

Industry Agnostic – .CO is ideal for businesses and corporates across industries as it’s not restricted to any specific niche or market. 

Short & Crisp – A .CO domain will help keep your website name and URL short and crisp, thus, more impactful and easier to remember.  

Versatile – A .CO domain is strong by itself as well as paired with country-specific domain extensions. Thus .co.in, .co.au, .co.uk etc. will allow you to build your brand in country-specific markets and/or create a country-specific version of your website.  

Here are some websites making it big with .CO  




Take your Ideas & Make Them Big With .CO 

Ready to get online and take your ideas to the next level? Get your .CO domain and capture your market with a strong, professional, and impactful website. No matter what your industry is or where you are located, a .CO domain will help you build a global digital presence. Get started.  

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