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Here’s the Voting Scorecard for Resellers in the running to win an iPad (as on November 4th, 2010):

Name Language Total Votes
Ronnie Jarrouj Arabic 2022
Fadi Odeh Arabic 296
Ashraf Aly Arabic 243
Anouar French 674
Benabdallah French 413
Richard French 381
Francisco Montero Spanish(Spain) 889
Adrian Spanish(Spain) 490
Joseba Mirena Spanish(Spain) 84
Miguel Barbosa Portuguese 655
Paulo Lopes Portuguese 608
Pedro Dias Portuguese 302
Rafael López Spanish(Latin American/Mexico) 414
Armando Ruiz Spanish(Latin American/Mexico) 37
Jorge Rojas Spanish(Latin American/Mexico) 10

You can still vote for what you think is the most accurate translation. Head over to http://www.resellerclub.com/localization-vote to place your vote today!

You can also submit a translation for any of our interfaces in the language of your choice and earn great discounts! Visit http://www.resellerclub.com/localization to sign up for the Localization Partner Program.

Keep Voting!