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As one of the largest Reseller-Focused Registrars in the world, we partner with Resellers from over 240 countries. Naturally, with such a diverse clientele at hand, we realized that we needed to make our Products and Services as accessible to our Resellers and Customers as we possibly could.

As a result, the Localization Partner Program was introduced in May 2010. A pioneering program, it is an on-going effort to support the translation of all system content into several languages. We picked a few languages for the first phase of our program and expect to take up many more in the months to come.

By working in affiliation with our Resellers to translate content into languages such as Spanish, French, Turkish, Arabic, Portuguese etc., the Localization Partner Program has invited translations from 150 Resellers in over 5 languages. We’ve received a great amount of interest since we began the Program and have even made interfaces translated into Chinese and Spanish (Latin American) live!

Arabic & Spanish (ES) content is now 100% translated, while other languages are very close to completion.

With quite a large portion of our Content already translated, you can now contribute to the process of making these translations LIVE by voting for your preferred translations. We’ve already received several votes from over 50 Voting Partners.

Why Vote?

If you are one of our Resellers, you can vote for and decide what you see on your interfaces. By voting for translations that you think are the most accurate, you can control the content your Customers see on our various Interfaces.

Apart from this you will also be eligible for the ResellerClub Voting Partner Contest! As part of this contest, the voting partner with the highest number of voted-in translations per language will be awarded an iPad!

Here’s how you can start Voting:

Visit and register as a Voting Partner. You can also take a look at this Short Video on ‘How to Vote’.

Here’s the Voting Scorecard for Resellers in the running to win an iPad (as on October 7th, 2010)

Language Name Total Votes Cast Rank
Arabic Elnours 238 1
Fomeel Magdy Wardkhan 36 2
Abdulkarim Marstawi 35 3
French Richard 159 1
Benabdallah Abdelaziz 150 2
Abdelmoula mouhsin 144 3
Spanish(ES) Juan Jose 76 1
Adrian 44 2
Joseba Mirena 27 3
Portuguese Paulo Lopes 193 1
Duarte Diogo 189 2
Miguel Barbosa 47 3
Spanish(LA) Rafael López 133 1
Armando Ruiz 37 2
Edward Navarro 8 3

With many other voting partners closing in, we expect to see a lot more action here – ALL the BEST folks!

Resellers that would like to translate interfaces into other languages can sign up with us and we will contact you as soon as we’re ready to open up the project for your language.