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It is common knowledge that the mobile web is growing at an incredible rate. What’s surprising, however, is that not many websites are ‘Mobile-Ready’ i.e. optimized to be viewed on a mobile device.

As the following infographic shows, end-users are performing a number of tasks on their mobile devices i.e. searching, social networking and even online shopping.



Research even shows that the Mobile web usage is poised to overtake desktop usage in 2015 – The question is how you, as a Web Services Provider, can take advantage of this.

As you may know, we recently began offering Verisign’s Mobile Website generator – Mobileview free with every .COM and .NET Domain. With this tool, you too can benefit from the mobile revolution.

Why Mobileview?

Mobileview is a one step mobile website generator that helps Customers create a mobile-ready website in minutes.

By offering it free with .COM and .NET websites, you automatically increase the value of a Domain Name thus ensuring renewals and greater Customer retention.

Here’s what a few of our Resellers have to say about MobileView:

“We’re so glad we can offer a mobile website generator to our Customers without any investment/cost. We’ve had so many Customers coming to us saying that this is exactly what they need. Good going guys!”

Phil Bosworth

“I tried this myself and it works really well. To top it off, its free – my Customers will love it.”

Jonathan Murphy

Need help marketing MobileView?

We’ve prepared a White-Labelled email to help you market MobileView to your Customers better. You can also use this video to help explain how MobileView works.

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