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Social media is an inexpensive, great way to get you & your web design/ development service visibility to a large audience. While the big brands are ruling social media with huge budgets & expert advice, it may seem like there isn’t any more room.

We assure you, there’s always space for more. Before we get into more detail on how you can use social media, let’s tell you how you can strategise by learning how to use the different social platforms to target different sectors.



Here are a few ways you can optimize the social media channels available at your fingertips for your web design & development service!

Facebook / Twitter

Facebook & Twitter are great platforms to reach masses. You’ll find almost all types of audiences here hence we say it’s perfect for all types of sectors. Here’s how to get started on these platforms:

  • Create a Facebook & Twitter page / profile
  • Start by uploading a cover picture – it is the first thing a page visitor will see & you need to impress
  • Engage your followers with updates on what you’re currently working on, tips on how to design / develop, pictures of your work etc.
  • Always respond within a timeframe of a few minutes to be perceived on social media as a brand who communicates with your audience
  • Start Advertising with whatever little budget you can afford to allocate


While your web design is not like a culinary business where you can record recipes & methods, you can certainly use YouTube in the following way:

  • To upload videos of development hacks, how-to videos tutorial videos etc.
  • To establish yourself as an expert in the field
  • Share these videos on your social media channels for maximum visibility


LinkedIn is fantastic for professionals. We suggest using this platform to target professionals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, principals because LinkedIn is where you’re most likely to find this group. It’s easy to look for your audience based on their occupation. LinkedIn, unlike other social media channels is more focused on business than just chatter. You can use LinkedIn to:

  • Set up a page to get found
  • Put out updates about your latest work, company profile, openings
  • Use the See Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature to identify prospects
  • Use LinkedIn’s InMail feature to contact them for potential projects


Get on Google+ & post the same updates you post on your Facebook & Twitter pages. The aim is to have an updated, active Google+ page. What’s the benefit of this platform for your business?

  • Google+ is a must if you want to have a strong SEO presence
  • Hangouts, the video calling feature can be used to have trainings across various locations


Pinterest is a fantastic tool to showcase your work. Think of it as an online portfolio. You can:

  • Create different boards showcasing work from various projects
  • Upload high definition images
  • Follow other web designers
  • Add keywords in description of your pins to be found in searches


Whatsapp is on the go, it’s direct, it’s quick & almost everyone is on it! You can get instant responses and queries. The one-on-one communication is great for sending across quotations, work samples & more. Whatsapp can be a very strong marketing tool.

  • It’s direct communication with your target audience
  • You can send files, pictures, videos of your products across the world
  • Offer live/ real time support


Quora is a platform for users to ask as well as answer questions. We say it’s a good platform to target techies since a lot of questions are tech-oriented. Quora, again is a great place for you as a brand to:

  • Show your expertise
  • Answer questions & make your skills known

While you don’t have to use all the platforms, you can pick the ones best suited to your business & work with it. If you do have your presence on multiple platforms, you don’t have to stress about it. You can repost the same content across different platforms in the fashion that’s best suited for the platform. By that we mean, that you can share your content on Facebook as an image, as a more detailed paragraph on Quora or as a video on Facebook. This ensures that you’re leveraging the best feature of each platform to forward your content.

There are more ways you can leverage social media for your business but we hope you use these to begin with. Got more ideas? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below! Look out more tips on this topic soon!

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