benefits of moving to the cloud

6 Benefits of Moving to Cloud Hosting

When you’re new in the web industry and plan to host your first website or a blog, there are a lot of questions on your mind. Should I go with a free service or a premium one? Is this the right time to invest in a paid service and if yes, which hosting service do I choose? Eventually, most website owners end up choosing Shared Hosting as it offers good features for beginners and is also quite affordable. With the passing of time, your business grows and so does the traffic. It is at that time you think – since […]

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4 Easy Fixes to Restore Traffic Post Redesign

Redesigning is a big effort. The intent of redesign could be to improve content, design, product offerings, etc. to make your website more user-friendly, all in the effort to encourage more hits. However, while the purpose of redesign is to improve traffic or user experience or both, your website could actually see a decline in traffic right after the redesign. Although traffic drops after redesign is a general trend, a drop greater than 10% is worrisome. Why does redesign cause a traffic drop? In order to serve the new version of your webpages, Google needs to crawl and index them […]

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Subscribers – A Valuable Resource

A friend of mine was all applause for a standup comedian after watching his YouTube video. A simple request by the comedian to hit the ‘subscribe’ button and press the ‘bell icon’ led to my friend watching more of his videos and finally attending live shows of the artist! Multiply this a thousand times and you will be able to identify the potential of ‘subscribers’ to your business. Be it stand up comedy, a financial education website/channel, your software services channel or a professional blog, if you are able to get more subscribers on your side, your business has a […]

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easy ways to migrate your WordPress blog

Easy ways to migrate your WordPress blog

Whether it’s because your current website is too slow or you just want a better WordPress hosting plan that fits your blog’s growth, moving a WordPress blog or website is something that you’re going to have to deal with. Migrating a WordPress website (while avoiding downtime I might add), can seem intimidating to anyone, especially if you’re not tech savvy and are unfamiliar with the process. If the thought of dealing with WordPress migration gives you a cold sweat, then worry not! We’ve got a couple of great tips that you can use to make the migration of your WordPress […]

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How to Turn Down Customer Requests Courteously

On our social media, we often joke about how many changes we as developers & designers receive from clients with the hashtag #webdesignerproblems. Funny as it may be, in real life, it can be frustrating to have to re-do images or implement the client’s changes because he’s either unsure of what he wants or is over ambitious or simply, hard to please. In this article, we’ll discuss how to turn down such requests politely (this applies to any type of customer request). Genuinely listen to your customer’s request First off, hear your customer out. Hearing him out lets your customer […]

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A few tips on how to use SSH like a pro

What is SSH? SSH or Secure Shell is a powerful protocol to keep a computer network secure through strong encryption and authentication. Why use SSH? You might have multiple computers either at home or office and wish to perform the following functions : Copy/move files from one computer to another/server Remotely operate another computer’s account Move files from / to your web hosting server where your websites are hosted SSH keeps these network connections more secure than other protocols available such as Telnet, FTP and RCP and more specifically protects your network from attacks such as : DNS spoofing IP spoofing […]

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The Case For Improving the UX of Your Terms and Conditions Page (and 6 Easy Ways To Do It)

When it comes to designing or improving the UX of a website, how often do you consider your terms and conditions page? My guess: hardly ever. I know what you’re thinking, “why spend time improving a page that 99% of people don’t read when I should be working on my homepage, pricing page, checkout page, etc?” To be clear, you should definitely pay more attention to the design of these pages, but there is a case to be made for giving some tender love and care to your terms page. This article outlines three reasons why you should, and offers […]

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new gtld report september resellerclub blog

New gTLD Report – August 2016

In our last month’s report we witnessed the stellar performance of  .TOP & .XYZ. It’s really not much of a surprise to see them in our top 5 new gTLD adds for the month as their performance is fairly consistent. .BID is our new addition to this month’s report while the rest of the names are surely ones that you find to be familiar. As usual, the Radix domain names continue to be a part of our top 15. Have a look at the numbers below for more details. Create pie charts 1) It’s .TOP and .XYZ once again!: .TOP […]

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