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As you might already know, several OnlineNIC Resellers/Customers were facing issues moving their Domains out to another Registrar. As per their policy, OnlineNIC did not allow Transfer-outs which resulted in several Resellers having their Domains stuck there.

After numerous complaints and ICANN itself having to step in, these transfer issues have now been successfully resolved! Any registrant with a transfer request will now be able to successfully complete the same by contacting their preferred registrar. According to an order issued by ICANN, once the transfer request is initiated, OnlineNIC and its receiver are expected to follow the procedure spelled out by the court and permit legitimate transfers to be processed within a few days of the request.

This is your opportunity to move to a stable organization that ensures that your assets, your Domain Names are secure and completely under your control – ResellerClub can offer you this and much more! We have put up an insightful comparison between OnlineNIC and ResellerClub listing down why we’re definitely better than them in a lot of respects. You can also download a more detailed comparison PDF for the same from the link below. While you’re at it, do also check out the step-by-step guide of the entire Transfer process, listed down for your benefit 😀



ResellerClub vs OnlineNIC– a quick comparison

download detailed PDF