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Reseller Hosting is an excellent web hosting service to start your own web hosting business from scratch.   

The competition and the need to stand out from the crowd has increased because of the ease of starting a hosting business and the increasing demand for custom web hosting services.  

You don’t need to accept our word for it—the global web hosting industry market size is anticipated to grow to a whopping $171.4 billion by 2027 from $62.2 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 15.5%.  

This increasing and growing web hosting market makes it imperative for you to make your business stand out and build unique and strong brand credibility.  

This blog shares the top best niches you can use as your target audience for your Reseller Hosting business. But first, let’s learn more about this hosting service.  

What is Reseller Hosting?  

Reseller Hosting is a web hosting solution through which you can buy bulk web hosting services from a parent web hosting provider to tweak and share those plans with your customers at competitive rates.  

Thus, Reseller Hosting allows you to earn great profits by selling customized, personalized, unique, and creative web hosting plans to your customers.  

And to make things, Reseller Hosting also provides tools, such as billing integration software, like WHMCS easy-to-use WHM and cPanel, and a White Label service to sell hosting services under your own brand or company name.  

But, who are these customers, and how to pick a target and niche audience for your web hosting business? 

Top Target Audience Niche For Your Web Hosting Reseller Business 

Choosing a niche customer base for your Reseller Hosting business will allow you to stay focused and build yourself as an expert within the industry—instead of catering to multiple segments and getting overwhelmed with the diversified options.  

Thus, if you aim to take your hosting business ahead and stand out from the intense competition—here are the top four niches to explore as your business’s target audience and customer base.  

  1. Affiliate marketers  

Affiliates are those that help promote brands and businesses through their websites or other channels, including social media platforms. Affiliate marketing is an easy source of passive income—making it increasingly popular amongst individuals.  

Several affiliate websites include a brand’s product and service reviews, comparisons, niche targeted websites, cashback, and more. The brands monetize these affiliate websites they promote in commissions.  

Thus, as a hosting reseller, you can cater to this target segment and sell hosting plans that best suit their needs.  

  1. Web developers  

Web developers work closely with the web hosting industry and are familiar with the world of websites and the client’s hosting requirements. Thus, considering their interest and understanding–-they can leverage the lucrative nature of Reseller Hosting and become hosting resellers themselves.  

Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, you can sell Reseller Hosting plans to web developers fully personalized and customized.  

  1. Local businesses  

Offering hosting solutions to the local businesses is one of the most convenient solutions—allowing you to focus and find local businesses near your locality or city instead of digging through the internet for bloggers and affiliates.  

Today, local businesses understand the importance of creating and building an online presence—making them look for web hosting solutions for the same. Offering customizable and unique hosting solutions to these businesses will allow you to earn recurring profits and income for your business.  

  1. WordPress bloggers  

Blogging is a highly common and interesting channel people explore to share their thoughts, opinions, knowledge, and experiences.  

And as blogs grow and start gaining more website traffic—bloggers start looking for web hosting services and a domain name. You can even niche with the bloggers by selling hosting solutions to the WordPress bloggers.  

You can provide a “one-click WordPress installer” on your hosting account to the WordPress bloggers with your hosting plans—attracting them to your website and helping you grow your business.  


Starting a Reseller Hosting business is easy and doesn’t require much effort or creativity.  

However, the real effort lies in choosing the best-suited and most ideal niche to target as your target audience—and catering to their needs and demands. This will allow you to become an expert, build your brand identity and credibility, and earn even bigger profits with your Web Hosting Reseller business.  

Thus, explore these target niches as per your interests and needs after choosing a suitable Reseller Hosting plan.  

At ResellerClub, we provide the best, most reliable, and highly affordable web hosting services to our clients with all needs and requirements. So, check out our plans to leverage high uptime and 24/7 reliable support with our Reseller Hosting solutions for your own successful Web Hosting Reseller business.  

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