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Known for front-end development, jQuery is a robust framework that allows for faster and effective web application development. The framework combines use of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript for creating SEO-friendly web pages. Additionally, jQuery is also known for its form validation feature. When validating a form using JavaScript, you need to create a function that authenticates whether the information entered in the form is genuine. This function works on every checkbox where users enter their data. This brings the role of validation in the limelight.

Validation has an important role to play when it comes to designing any form. These days, a lot number of jQuery plugins are made available that can help in creating any form in a few steps.

This blog shares some of the useful jQuery plugins for jquery app development companies and developers using which they can create a well-functioning form with all the usable features. All of these plugins mentioned below are lightweight, easy to use and also let save their time. Let’s take a look:

jQuery validation plugin https://jqueryvalidation.org/

This plugin makes client-side form validation simple and easy, while offering plentiful customization options. This plugin is a perfect pick if you are building something new from the scratch. This plugin also helps in integrating something new into an already existing application with lots of existing markup. jQuery validation plugin features some useful set of validation methods including URL and email validation. All these methods feature default error messages in English and its translation into 37 other languages.

It is the only lightweight plugin that can be used to add validation rules to any of jQuery forms. It can also be customized easily. Integrating this plugin saves a lot of time when it comes to adding validation on HTML form inputs.

Parsley http://parsleyjs.org/

This jQuery plugin offers the easiest way to validate web forms. In terms of validating a simple form, this plugin does not require the developers to write single JavaScript line. It automatically analyzes the modifications in form and adapts its validation. It becomes easy to add, remove or edit fields in a simplified way by using Parsley. It automatically detects forms’ modifications.

It makes frontend form validation easy and robust. The plugin is featured with more than a dozen useful validators that are used to extend the functionality. Another added advantage is that Parsley is strongly focused on improving the UI and UX. It is an open source, MIT licensed plugin that can easily add, remove or edit fields by following simple instructions.

jQuery Form Validator http://www.formvalidator.net/

This plugin is useful for validating user input and it also keeps the HTML markup clean from JS coding. It is multilingual in nature. With a basic set of validation rules set by default, jQuery form validator lets the developer load further modules on demand. The validation functions available with the plugin are quite extended in number.

It is a cross-browser friendly JavaScript plugin that can be used to create web forms. The validation here is controlled with HTML5 data attributes.

Bootstrap validator http://1000hz.github.io/bootstrap-validator/

Bootstrap validator plugin sticks to the conventions set by Bootstrap’s core jQuery plugins. The plugin is just wrapped around a native form validation using HTML5 attributes. It validates fields that are present when the plugin is initialized.

Form Validation http://formvalidation.io/

This is considered to be one of the best jQuery plugins for validating web forms. The plugin is specifically designed for Semantic UI, Foundation, Pure, Bootstrap and others. With a perfect combination of web tool kits that make frontend easy, Form validation plugin comes with multiple of settings for any type of form field and validation type.

jQuery Validation Engine


jQuery validation engine plugin takes care of the structure of your form as it creates an error DIV and position it on the top right corner of the specified input. This keeps both the form code and validation separate.

Smoke http://alfredobarron.github.io/smoke/#/

Smoke is an open source form validation plugin that is made specifically for Bootstrap. It is hosted, developed and maintained on Github. It is quite simple and easy to use. This plugin does not use native browser validation. Error messages are not automatically localized and validation rules need to be specified using data attributes, JavaScript and HTML5.

Ending Notes:

With this, we come to an end to the top 7 list of jQuery form validation plugins. Using these plugins help businesses create web forms that are 100% validated and secure. So, it is always advisable to create completely functional jQuery forms using these plugins. With endless customization options, these plugins become a preferred choice for businesses.

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