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We’ve turned over another leaf in the calendar & like every new year, we’re bombarded with lists of Top Fashion Styles for 2016, Biggest Mistakes of 2015, What to look forward to in 2016 & the like. For an industry such as ours, few things get us more pumped than striking web designs that seem to change the world wide web. We’re no different when it comes to ‘listings’ and we’re stoked to be penning down the Design Trends of 2016 Coming Your Way. If you share our enthusiasm, brace yourselves for the awesome design elements you’ll read through this article:

1) Video: The New Hero Image: While 2015 saw websites use clear, high definition, impressive images on their homepage screen, 2016 brought the video back in a new style – full screen, interactive, extreme clarity, fast loading. High speed internet connectivity and video plug-ins have made it easier for the comeback of the video. We expect to see a lot more of such “movie-like experiences” on upcoming websites. What’s even cooler about these videos are that they’re interactive – allowing for better user experience.

This website below allows for an interaction like no other. It allows the user to view a concert from different view points, giving him full control over the camera angle he wants to use.



2) The Hamburger Menu: While this trend made its debut in 2015, the feature is only becoming more popular. As users are accustomed to mobile sites and responsive websites, this design style has crept into the desktop websites, simplifying navigation by hiding it under a hamburger menu.



3) Flat Designs: In 2015, Google spent huge dollars to change their logo to a flat, bolder, cleaner, sans-serif typeface. Why? Because it helped reduce the size of the logo file on sites by more than half and it was easier to read on palm-sized devices.


Hand-in-hand with the Flat Design is the Material Design – clean, modernistic, UX focused design. This type of uses shadow effects & movement concepts to make designs look more realistic.




4) Card Layouts: Thanks to sites like Pinterest, card layouts are overtaking the web. The reason for the success of such a layout is probably the bite-size information they provide at a glance for multiple items/products. The rectangle content “containers” also easily rearrange themselves to fit any device.





5) Motion Animation: As users, we love motion. Our eyes are naturally drawn to motion animation & designers have started to capitalise on this, experimenting with modular scrolling, slo-mo animation, dynamic charts, progress bars & buttons, fold effects, page header transitions etc. You can see the whole list here.


Slo-Mo Animation


We sure enjoyed going through websites that tickle our creative side. If you’ve come across a great design or have something to contribute, share it with us in the comments section below!

*The above images are for illustration purposes only. ResellerClub has not claimed any copyright or IPR. Please contact us or leave a comment if you would like to be attributed.


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