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What is SSH?

SSH or Secure Shell is a powerful protocol to keep a computer network secure through strong encryption and authentication.

What is SSH

Why use SSH?

You might have multiple computers either at home or office and wish to perform the following functions :

  • Copy/move files from one computer to another/server
  • Remotely operate another computer’s account
  • Move files from / to your web hosting server where your websites are hosted

SSH keeps these network connections more secure than other protocols available such as Telnet, FTP and RCP and more specifically protects your network from attacks such as :

  • DNS spoofing
  • IP spoofing
  • IP source routing
  • If you have a website :SSH is important to keep sensitive data like customer information, credit card transactions, etc safe

How to use SSH like a pro:-

Here are a few tips and tricks to use SSH like a pro :

1.  Security with public wifi:

You can direct web traffic from your local system to a remote SSH server (which you can use as a proxy server) to encrypt it -preventing other users on a public wifi system from looking into your data and content. This hack is known as ‘SSH Tunneling’.

2. How to remember the public key:

You can enable the ‘visual host key’ feature to make it easier to remember the long string public key of the computer you are using.

For example, enable this command when you run SSH –


ssh -o VisualHostKey=yes user@host


3. Keeping a Terminal Session:

Each login using SSH produces a new terminal session and logging out, ends one. You can keep the session open by using GNU screen.

4. Useful combo commands to  save time

If you need just one command from a remote host, having to login and exit just for that can be quite tedious. To avoid that, you can combine the request with the SSH to save time.

5. Logging in with a different port name

You may, for whatever reason, need to use another port at your location in case the standard port 22  at your environment is blocked. In this case, use the following command-


$ ssh user@example.com -p 3307

Signing up with a web host that offers SSH is extremely important.  At ResellerClub, we support SSH access on all our Linux Hosting servers for Shared Hosting (both Single Domain, Multi-domain) and Reseller hosting.


Do you know of any more interesting hacks for SSH? For more on web security, here are some tips for securing a website at the application and server level.

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