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The rapid development of technology and the easy availability of the internet has pushed all businesses to build a digital presence. It has become imperative for companies to have a well-designed and quick-loading website. This demand has led to the emergence of web development companies offering a range of services. Both existing web development companies and new start-ups are working towards offering services that suffice all the requirements of the clients while ensuring top-notch customer experience. 

As your web design business grows and you have a steady inflow of clients, you may consider offering web hosting solutions to your customers too. This seems to be the perfect move as you can create a steady source of income while your clients can save time by availing all the services from a single vendor. 

How to be a Good Reseller

The easiest way to set-up a web hosting business is by using Reseller Hosting services as it is easy to start and does not require a huge upfront investment for the infrastructure. If you opt for setting up your own hardware, you will have to make more substantial investments. Considering that starting with Reseller Hosting is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to start your web hosting business, you can always start with it and then, as your business gains momentum, set-up your own hardware. Before you do any of that, following are some of the things you should consider before offering web hosting services to your customers.

Offering Support

It is essential for you to account for the number of hours and effort that will be required in providing support to clients whom you have offered hosting services to. You may have sold hosting as a part of a complete package or offered just the hosting, but it is crucial for you to calculate the opportunity cost. Even if you may have opted for Reseller Hosting, not all service providers will provide customer support. It will fall upon you to ensure that the service is up and running, which would become arduous if you have opted for affordable Reseller Hosting with not much support. 

Clients would also expect the website to be up 24*7, which is something you cannot control and will depend on the hosting provider. Since you would be handling website-related issues of the clients, it is natural for them to come to you with all kinds of technical queries. Will you be in a position to charge for the additional help or you will end up being a free technical resource? This should be evaluated before offering web hosting services for small businesses. So, it is extremely essential to get a service provider who offers continuous support to meet your needs.

Securing Servers

When you have multiple sites running on your server or Reseller Hosting server, the onus of maintaining the security falls on your company. Unless your web hosting reseller company provides robust support, applying updates and security patches will be your responsibility. This will require you to do everything by yourself or allocate your resources to do the same. If your clients face any problem that cannot be solved by you, the only option available would be to put in a support request yourself and then wait for the customer support to resolve the query or came back with a solution.

Failed Payments

While it is not uncommon across industries to come across clients who do not make timely payments, chasing a client for comparatively smaller invoices billed for hosting services can become painful. You can sell the hosting service as a part of the entire web development package, or just the hosting service to a client with an existing website. The cost of managing the web hosting business can be quite high, which should be considered.

Terms of Service & Insurance

It is essential to frame the terms of service and share it with your clients. You should clearly mention all the cases under which you can stop offering services to the client and what actions you can take in case of non-payment. Agreement of the client on these aspects is crucial to safeguard not just yours, but your client’s interest as well. The terms should clearly define your liabilities and responsibilities during the service. It would be best if you also had sufficient business insurance that covers any claims that arise out of the client accusing your organization of damages or loss in revenue.

Presenting Your Business

In a highly competitive market, distinguishing your business from the rest can go a long way in ensuring your success. Whether you are providing web hosting services for small business or a large corporation, how you brand yourself will have a lot of impact on your business. Presenting a credible & professional company with social media accounts and relevant industry certifications will ensure that your potential clients perceive your company as trustworthy.

Even though there are quite a few things to consider before making the decision of offering web hosting to your customers, it will prove worthy for your business in the long-run. You can grow your existing business, promote your other products & services, and ensure more recognition for your brand. On the other hand, the most challenging aspect of offering web hosting service is to get clients regularly. However, that is something which is seen mostly in new businesses irrespective of the industry, and you should start getting clients over time.

Despite the competition, there are ample opportunities for companies offering web hosting services. If you can market your services and reach, in front of a potential customer, you can generate sufficient revenue by selling web hosting services. You can start small by purchasing a monthly Reseller Hosting plan and progress as your business grows. The key here is to buy a good Reseller Hosting plan that provides all the required features allowing you to focus on building your customer base and growing your web hosting business.

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