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Your days of spending $500 on the latest Playstation console are over! Yes, you heard that right. Now you may have access to the gaming world in just a few bucks. That’s just one of things the Cloud is changing in our daily lives. Here’s the scoop on arguably the two biggest revolutionary Internet industry developments of the 21st Century: The Cloud and the new TLDs!

The Cloud

Netflix, the biggest media streaming Internet portal (accounting for 37% of peak hour download traffic in North America) has recently announced the shutting down of its last data center and completion of its shift to the Cloud with Amazon’s Web services. While milestones like this may not come with a flash of lightening or a trumpet sound, pulling the plug (quite literally) on the physical hardware is a huge step for Netflix. A commitment to the Cloud followed a hardware failure in 2008 that catapulted the company into the limelight. Since then, the migration to Amazon’s cloud servers have happened bit by bit over the years- the video player, the iPhone technologies & in 2014, the billing platform. A move by a mammoth company like Netflix has underscored the importance of the Cloud & has possibly set the trend for others to mimic.

Following those footsteps is PlayStation Now by Sony, the newest entrant to the Cloud. Much like Netflix, the PlayStation Now is a cloud service. It provides access by simply connecting your Internet connection to any device without an expensive gaming console. The PlayStation streaming, will allow you to game with the PlayStation for a meager subscription fee on the Sony Bravia Television. You no longer need physical media on your device. The service will stream the game data onto your machine and your controller sends back signals to a giant farm server. The Cloud gaming service is soon to be launched in the United States, Canada & United Kingdom.

While it may be too soon to say physical data centers are redundant, the Cloud is picking up pace & changing dynamics.

New TLDs

New TLDs are to the domain reselling business as Cloud is to the hosting industry – new, revolutionary & increasingly popular. In our earlier blog post titled ‘Ushering in the new gTLDs‘, we talked about how huge multi-national corporations like JP Morgan, Reliance & BNP Parabias have invested millions to secure a TLD with their brand name. Little did we know, a few weeks later, the Internet’s ruling king, Google would take the leap too. No, we’re not talking about a .GOOGLE which they have already got rolling. We’re talking about Google’s decision to jump on the new TLD bandwagon with the hottest & fastest growing extension, .XYZ. Google has chosen www.abc.xyz as the launch pad for their shiny new venture, Alphabet. A fantastic use of a TLD to express their brand & an enormous step for new gTLDs – bringing credibility to & awareness for these new extensions.

UK’s largest bank, Barclays also ditched the .COM & moved to .BARCLAYS this June, making new TLDs the hottest new trend. The new gTLDs make it possible to find an identity that fits your brand perfectly, be it .PHOTOGRAPHY, .SCIENCE, .SPACE, .ROCKS, .REVIEW, .DATE, .SUCKS etc. And while ICANN prepares for the largest-ever expansion of the domain name system, brace yourselves for the new wave of TLDs coming your way, including .BEER, .DOCTOR, .SKIN, .TOURS & hundreds more!

With the pace at which the industry scene is changing, there’s no telling where we might be & what we might see in less than a decade from now. Perhaps, we’ve only just touched the cusp of virtual reality & the digital world. There’s more to come.

Signing off!

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