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The E-Commerce Boom

From real estate to clothes to pet products to tomatoes, there’s a an e-commerce site for each of these. It’s hard to ignore the growing trend of start-ups today. Some stand-out features to note about the latest crop of start-ups are that they are tech based, web driven & mobile rich, operating in a lean model and owned & run by young people who are native to the Internet.

From a financial  perspective, we see the new breed of entrepreneurs constantly chasing larger market share, roping in record venture capital investments, and minting more money than they can count! From a career perspective, start-ups are the place to be. On-the-job training, greater responsibility, linear hierarchies & like minded colleagues all make it an ideal place to work. Start-ups too, are looking to hire the best talent from top business & engineering schools. A survey of a random sample of 11 such startups suggests they will increase overall campus hiring to 770 students from the Class of 2016 compared with only 250 that they hired from the 2015 batch (source: Economic Times). Start-ups are not slowing down.

E-commerce, in India is booming. This industry is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of over 36% during 2015 – 2020, attributing to expanding smartphone user base, massive customer discounts offered by these firms, increasing per capita disposable income and growing youth population (source: Deccan Chronicle).

The Web Service Providers’ Role

With the start-up rush in India, let’s evaluate what this means for web service providers like us. According to AMI-Partners’ Global Forecast Model, 15% of India’s internet-connected SMBs have already launched a website with e-commerce capabilities. Nearly 30% SMBs will offer e-commerce facilities on their websites by 2019, predicts the study. (source: CXO Today)

These start-ups operate on web based applications and require infrastructure to support their businesses. Businesses like these that see enormous volumes of traffic, require powerful servers to be able to handle such traffic. Because technology has been evolving so rapidly, it’s important that we, web service providers, capitalise on this momentum. How can we do this? Host.

Apps and websites for brands and start-ups like these operate best on Dedicated servers or on the Cloud. Dedicated servers are ideal for websites that have heavy traffic, like the e-commerce sites that see upto 23 million visits a month!

At ResellerClub, we currently have a great Cashback offer on Dedicated Servers that allows you to earn $100 on each server that you sell! With the boom in e-commerce, this your ideal chance to sell your Dedicated servers to the start-ups cropping up around you.

Cloud Hosting cuts capital costs considerably, requires less manpower & globalises your workforce, making it an excellent choice for start-ups that kick-off on a low budget.

Enabling Small and Medium Enterprises

The start-up rush has left smaller businesses struggling to gain visibility & aggregate profits. The threat to the businesses is real. How can we help their businesses pick up? Get them online! In our previous article, we chalked out ways to get businesses online. Taking that one step further, you can help SMBs to become e-commerce sites by enabling them to transact online. Payment gateways allow for seamless monetary transactions that make websites into e-commerce sites.

Mobile apps, although fantastic, can be expensive & doesn’t always fit the budget for a small business. That’s where Impress.ly steps in. Impress.ly is an enormously useful tool that makes desktop websites responsive, giving it an app-like feel. It’s inexpensive & makes websites smooth & user-friendly with great designs & easy navigation to fit every screen size.


The e-commerce boom is perfectly complemented by the sprouting of numerous start-ups, the Internet penetration, the accessibility to the net & the growing demand for e-commerce. For web providers like ourselves, there’s never been a better time to be in business! It’s time to exploit the opportunity!

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