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You asked, we delivered. We’re proud to announce that the ResellerClub Mobile App is now LIVE! With the app, we’ve re-imagined how you manage your business! Now, take your business wherever you go with the ResellerClub app that lets you buy domains, renew orders, track funds and more.

The Android version is currently available on the Google Play Store. We will be launching the iOS version soon.

What can you do with the app?

The app is designed to make running your business a breeze by allowing you to perform important actions with ease such as:

  • Buy domains: Discover hundreds of great domain names & instantly buy them from within the app.
  • Add Funds: Add funds to your wallet and get your virtual account details with just a tap!
    This is currently available only for our India customers.
  • Add new customers: Create accounts immediately for all your new customers.
  • Manage Customer Billing :Enjoy the freedom to decide how you want to invoice your customers for their orders.
  • Renew orders: Handle timely renewals effortlessly so your customers never face any downtime.
  • Get in Touch: Contact your account manager easily for all queries and assistance.

Excited? So are we!

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