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In the past, we’ve discussed some of the issues we’ve faced on our email hosting platform, and our plans for making the platform significantly more stable and effective here.

To that end, we’re taking the next step. Several email accounts that are currently on the older setup are going to be migrated over to the new storage architecture. This architecture, with its active-passive setup, will help provide a greater level of redundancy for the email services, and ensure that downtimes are minimized for such a mission critical service as email.

Through this process, our intention is to keep the downtimes for users’ emails as low as possible. There will be no extended downtime for any email hosting package – however, some users may encounter occasional sluggishness in email performance at some point in the next 4-5 days, while the migration is underway. This is due to the server load and I/O increase that would likely be caused by the migration. We’re constantly monitoring the server performance to ensure that load and I/O levels do not reach alarming proportions, and problems are thus avoided.

This phase of migration will see roughly 40000 email boxes moved over to the new architecture. We shall post regular updates here about progress made in this exercise, and also inform you about further plans and learnings from this process in due course.

We’re grateful for your continued co-operation as we work towards building a better experience for our users. Please follow this post for further updates.