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The votes have been pouring in and with more than 12,400 votes already registered we’re moving close to choosing the best multi-lingual translations as well as naming the winners of the Voting Partner Contest.

Here’s the scorecard till the 19th of November, 2010.

Name Language Total Votes
Ronnie Jarrouj Arabic 2228
Fadi Odeh Arabic 296
Ashraf Aly Arabic 243
Benabdallah French 847
Anouar French 674
Richard French 507
Francisco Montero Spanish(Spain) 930
Adrian Spanish(Spain) 490
Joseba Mirena Spanish(Spain) 90
Miguel Barbosa Portuguese 1019
Paulo Lopes Portuguese 608
Pedro Dias Portuguese 398

You can still join the program. To do so, sign up as a Voting Partner by visiting today.

Keep the votes coming and all the best folks!