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I have known Rohan Joseph since he joined Directi/ResellerClub – that’s about 7 years now. He was this young chap, just out of St. Xaviers College’s BMM course, who pretty much kept to himself (probably saying 100s of things in his own head). It was a bit of a dilemma really, because we had hired him to work as a Business Development Associate – but (to be honest) he just wasn’t any good at that. So we moved him to a Marketing role after he completed a 3 month long training exercise. Funny enough, his growth in the Marketing team was meteoric to say the least. He was heading a division of this team in less than a year, and the whole piece in about 3! 🙂

We pen down acknowledgements here about people from our Support and Account Management teams on a weekly basis (and that’s because of him too by the way). And while all of them are extremely important cogs in the business that is ResellerClub, there are so many more people that you don’t even hear about. You don’t need to hear of them all the time either – but my friend and one of ResellerClub’s most valuable employees has decided to move on. He’s shifting to another country for further education and hence cannot continue to work here. I thought it might be fitting to acknowledge the pillar that he has been for ResellerClub on this forum.

Rohan Joseph, fondly known as RoJo is the Marketing Head of ResellerClub. While we have dedicated teams for virtually every aspect of the business like our events, our promotions, our advertising, our pricing strategy, our website, etc – the one aspect that cuts through all of these, is him. For somebody whom I would not really call ambitious, he has reached a point in his career where he manages more than 25 people including Marketing Associates, Web Designers, UI Developers, SEO and SMM specialists, and Product Managers. He’s pretty much had some sort of a role to play in everything ResellerClub has done (both good and bad) over the last 7 years – so I won’t list down specific achievements. All I’ll tell you is this – if there has been any one individual whom everybody in ResellerClub has always relied on to get the job done, and done well – it’s him.

In fact, even though he is leaving ResellerClub, he has worked hard to ensure that we over here are not weakened as a team in any way whatsoever. He’s worked closely with his deputies, and we’re in a position where we can only build from here and ensure that we only improve everything we do for and with you.

You don’t find people like RoJo very easily – those that make their talent meet hard work and determination and take to leadership like a fish does to water. Don’t take just my word for it – here’s what 2 of our senior managers at RC have to say about him:

Janani  – “We will miss Rojo. A LOT. He make a great manager, awesome team-mate, and an amazing friend. He is responsible for setting structure and giving tone to the awesome content and design we create and we love him for that. He make us all proud and the team stands strong today as a testament to his hard work and talent 🙂 I wish him success in everything he does 🙂 “

Sruthi – “Rohan is the coolest manager at ResellerClub!He is the Idea Generator for the team. Its amazing how he always has an idea up his sleeve when everybody else is drawing a blank. He is responsible for where the Marketing team stands today and will really be missed. Here’s wishing him the best in everything that follows!”

I’m going to miss you RoJo, your work, your work ethic, your stupid jokes, all of it. I wish you all the luck and success in the world. I hope you have a blast in Turkey and remember that we’ll always have a place for you over here.