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At ResellerClub, we always strive to serve our resellers in the best possible manner. In addition to dealing with complex technical or system configuration related issues, we occasionally encounter instances where issues crop up due to exceptional or obscure stipulations associated with certain products. For instance, many ccTLDs have unique methods of registrant criteria verification, registration, renewal and transfer processes. Since some resellers/customers may be unaware of the extra stipulations, the transaction they attempt may be held up in the processing phase with hardly any clue about where the hold-up lies. Anuja, one of our support executives, recently came across a scenario, where a reseller was unable to transfer his .UK domain. Owing to her experience and presence of mind, Anuja was able to quickly identify the cause and craft a solution!

Our Support Executive:
Anuja Tipnis has been with us for about 3 years and has proved to be adept at understanding and dissecting resellers’ issues. She has had a track record of quick issue diagnosis & resolution, which makes her a valuable member of our support team.


The Issue:
Our reseller was unable to transfer his .UK domain name despite initiating it from his panel.

The Complication:
A .UK domain transfer consists of two steps of which the second step had not been completed leading to the delay. Anuja completed the pending step, but the transfer request was still not being processed by the registry.

Our Solution:
Anuja investigated the issue and realised that because the transfer of .UK domain requires a different set of steps to be followed from normal gTLDs. This led to confusion that meant the transfer request was incomplete when submitted to the registry, leading to a delay.

The method to transfer a .UK domain involves two steps –
1. Changing the IPS tag to that of the new Registrar, (IPS Tag can be obtained from the Registrar to whom the domain has to be transferred)
2. Placing a transfer request from the new Registrar’s panel for the .UK domain name

When Anuja took a closer look, the IPS tag had been changed and the transfer process initiated but the transfer request had not been made in the reseller panel correctly. Due to a mismatch between the ZIP code and the city in the form while initiating the transfer request, the system validation check repeatedly failed at the registry’s end and the reseller panel threw an error message.
The registrant contact used for registering the domain appeared to have invalid information and to fix this Anuja suggested creating a new .UK contact with the correct details before placing a new transfer action. And voila! The transfer action was now placed successfully, and the domain name transfer was completed instantly!
A relieved Stephen appreciated Anuja’s dedication and this is what he had to say –“So Anuja is a legend and was a great help…(sic) Anuja came to my rescue solved this in a minute, leaving me utterly impressed :)”.